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Dive deep into thousands of short-term rental markets around the world to understand historical trends and new opportunities. Scope out the competition and learn how to optimize your vacation rental property performance.

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Discover the most lucrative locations across the United States for vacation real estate investments. Research revenue, occupancy & profitability for over 120,000 Airbnb rental properties.

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The first automated valuation model for short-term rentals. Type in any address to view comparable rental performance along with monthly revenue, ADR, and occupancy predictions.

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Relevant Airbnb Data for Every Industry

Real Estate Investing

Short-term rental earnings are blowing away the returns seen in any other real estate investment category. Savvy investors are purchasing properties where lodging supply is low, travel demand is high and regulation is favorable. Learn how to identify the perfect Airbnb investment opportunity.

Academic Researchers

Disruption is happening -- but exactly how is traditional lodging being impacted? Hotels are losing their pricing power during peak demand periods and are starting to feel the impact on their bottom line. What is the long-term impact of the growth of private accommodations?

Property Management

Margins are getting squeezed for vacation rental management companies worldwide. The hypercompetitive market and reliance on OTAs is creating an evolve-or-die environment. Optimized pricing and marketing are mandatory to succeed.

Travel Organizations

Airbnb taxes are creating a substantial revenue stream for progressive cities around the world. Airbnb guests are more often international travelers that stay longer and spend more locally. DMOs must adapt to promote the new alternative lodging demand and the dollars that are being pumped into local economies.

Revenue Management

Sophisticated dynamic pricing is the single most effective way to squeeze more revenue out of any vacation rental. Our real-time data feeds analyze global travel demand on over three million Airbnb-listed properties. Leverage our data to create your own short-term rental pricing model.

Asset Managers

Lodging REITs, Hotel Brands and OTAs are figuring out how to compete with the new kid on the block. The risk for each of these public companies is unique and often dependent on geographical exposure and position in the value chain. Let us help you predict how the disruption will unfold.

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Airbnb Coverage

Our sophisticated technology picks up every intricate data point on every Airbnb listing in the world. Whether you want to analyze short-term rental rates in Majorca or regulatory impacts in Manhattan, AirDNA has the most comprehensive & longest-spanning data set.

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