AirDNA Affiliate Program: Earn 30% on All Referrals

If you love MarketMinder, our affiliate program is one of the easiest ways to earn cash for each new subscriber you send our way.

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"AirDNA has a very user-friendly affiliate program offering links and resources to help track and convert sales/traffic. They also have a dedicated Affiliate Manager to help when you need support!" - Cyrus Partow

Step 1

Sign Up

Anyone can join the AirDNA affiliate program.

Haven’t purchased MarketMinder before? No problem. 

1. Do you find value in the tool? 

2. Do you have an audience that wants to optimize their vacation rental listings and make smart investment decisions?  

If the answers were yes and yes, let's talk.

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Step 2

Share with Your Audience

All you need to do is share your unique referral link.

We’ll provide promotional resources to help you get started.

• Monthly newsletters with strategies to boost commission

• Graphics and copy to create content

Freemium tools to use as lead gen

• A live dashboard to track your progress

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Step 3

Start Earning

We send you a 30% commission for every person who signs up to AirDNA’s MarketMinder through your affiliate link. Commission hits your bank account every month for as long as their MarketMinder account is active.

Here are the details:

• Earn commission on all referrals

• Refer additional affiliates and earn 10% extra

• Continue earning for the entirety of the subscription

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