AirDNA Affiliate Program: Earn Up to 30% on All Referrals

If you love MarketMinder, our affiliate program is the easiest way to earn cash for each new subscriber you send our way.

If you were a previous affiliate or if you have questions regarding why we switched from LeadDyno to PartnerStack check out this page for more information:

STEP 1: Apply

Joining our affiliate program is easy.

Haven’t purchased MarketMinder before? No problem.

  • Do you have at least 500 followers on at least one social media channel?
  • Do you maintain a blog with stellar monthly traffic?
  • Is your audience full of data-obsessed short-term rental enthusiasts?
  • Do you love MarketMinder?

If you can answer yes to three of these four questions, then you’re eligible for our program—and commission payments.

STEP 2: Share with your audience

One unique referral link is all you need. (We’ll provide that.)

We’ll also provide promotional resources to ensure your affiliateship is successful:

  • Monthly newsletters with the latest and greatest data insights
  • Access to AirDNA Academy so you can become a bona fide MarketMinder pro
  • A live dashboard to track your progress
  • Readymade graphics and sleek copy for content creation
  • Freemium tools that generate quality leads
STEP 3: Start earning

Welcome to the inner circle, fellow data nerd.

You’ll earn up to 30% commission for every person who signs up to MarketMinder through your affiliate link. Monthly payments will hit your bank account as long as the customer you converted retains an active MarketMinder account.

And there are no other strings attached; being an affiliate is really this simple.