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A groundbreaking Airbnb pricing tool powered by the world’s most trusted name in vacation rental data and analytics.

Use Smart Rates to optimize your Airbnb pricing strategy, boost revenue, and position your properties for success.

Airbnb Dynamic Pricing Tool

Price Your Property to Perfection

Wondering how much to charge for Airbnb? Backed by a library of over 10 million vacation rentals on Airbnb and Vrbo, Smart Rates analyzes real-time market demand and provides personalized pricing suggestions for each date up to a year in the future.


Know the Reason Behind Your Rates

Not only does Smart Rates recommend daily rates — it shows why.

Discover the reason behind each calculation with variables like holidays, days of the week, booking lead time, market demand, and seasonality.


Take Command with Customization

Smart Rates leaves plenty of room for personal tweaks. Set preferences for minimum & maximum rates, discounts, and even how aggressively you want to price your property.

Use these levers to strike the perfect balance between full occupancy and maximized daily rates.

Creating a Comparable Set

Keep Tabs on your Competition

After onboarding your listings to MarketMinder and creating a hand-picked competitive set, Smart Rates shows exactly how your competitors are pricing their properties. Staying one step ahead of your competitors is what Smart Rates was built for.


Hosting Platform Pricing vs. AirDNA's Smart Rates

Still relying on hosting platforms to price your vacation rentals? Here's why you should think twice:

Lead Time Considerations

Split loyalties to travellers and hosts often mean they discount rates to attract travellers at the expense of hosts.

Often underestimates compression events such as big events

Not as granular with their adjustment types (only weekend/weekday variability).

Zero visibility on your competition

Limited visibility outside of what's happening within their platform.

AirDNA's Smart Rates

We give you the choice to maximize revenue with competitive pricing or maximize occupancy with discounted rates.

We recognize booking demand months in advance and tweak prices accordingly.

Smart Rates includes smart adjustments for yearly seasonality and holidays

MarketMinder allows users to hand-pick a comp set of their true competition and compare rates side-by-side.

Because we have data from partners and platforms, we have a complete picture.