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Our summer bookings were slower than normal. I used AirDNA's Smart Rates to make sure our pricing was in line with the market and after adjusting my prices I booked three high-value weeks within 72 hours.

Tony S. —Airbnb Superhost

Keeping track of fluctuations in the market and taking steps in terms of pricing was imperative. Being in a market where most people are not relying on data, being the one that does allows us to stand out from the crowd.

Daniel Q. —Data Scientist

Why Use AirDNA Smart Rates™

AirDNA’s Smart Rates™ vs. Hosting Platform Pricing

Relying on hosting platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo for price recommendations? Here's why you should think twice about that approach.

Hosting Platform Recommendations

Hosting platforms have loyalties to travelers and hosts, meaning they may suggest discounted rates to attract travelers at your expense.

Hosting sites often don’t foresee peak demand trends, like shifting seasonality or travel preferences.

The parameters you can set are limited, meaning you don’t have full control over your pricing strategy.

There’s zero visibility into your competition's pricing without hours of manual research.

It’s only one platform, so you have no clue what’s happening in the rest of your market.

AirDNA's Smart Rates™

Choose the pricing strategy that’s best for you, whether that’s maximizing occupancy, setting aggressive nightly rates, or somewhere in between.

We recognize booking demand months in advance and adjust pricing suggestions accordingly.

Smart Rates™ includes smart adjustments for yearly seasonality and holidays in your market.

Hand-pick your top competitors and study their pricing trends to come out on top.

Data from multiple platforms and partners gives you a complete picture of pricing in your market—not just from a single platform.

Smart listing management happens here.

AirDNA’s powerful yet easy-to-use tools make hosting a breeze. This means having every insight you need to make the most out of your short-term rental property.

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