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Best Vacation Rental Markets in the Next 5 Years

June 27, 2024

Our data reveals a statistically significant relationship: for the last two years (2022 and 2023) every 1% population growth in feeder cities correlates with a 2.5-3% increase in STR demand.

Explore feeder cities for other top markets

We've mapped out the top 3 origin metro areas for all 10 of the best places to invest in short-term rentals in the next 5 years.

For investors, it’s crucial to recognize population growth trends and to connect the dots on what it means for various STR markets. 

See feeder cities for your market

Try our interactive dashboard and visualize from what areas of the country guests are traveling from for any given market in the United States.


The real source of demand for short-term rentals in any given market is the size and strength of the metropolitan areas from which visitors come–that is, feeder cities. You can use feeder city data to predict future demand and make smart investment decisions.