Easy-to-Use Real Estate Investment Analytics

Leslie James | August 1, 2018

The MarketMinder product that you know and love has gotten a facelift.

Now it’s even easier to use MarketMinder’s real estate investment analytics to price your vacation rentals effectively, evaluate the competition in your market, analyze the performance of local top properties, and find lucrative properties in which to invest.


Minimum and Maximum Data on Overview Metrics

While you have always been able to see the most recent month’s average daily date (ADR), occupancy, and revenue metrics on MarketMinder’s Overview tab, now you can easily compare them to the minimum and maximum in the market over the last twelve months (LTM).


More Detailed Property Cards

When you hover over a property within the map, now you will see a more comprehensive summary of that property, including the property type, in an easily scannable layout.


Formatting and UI changes within AirDNA’s MarketMinder include:

  • Color-Coded Header Bar – Easily differentiate entire homes, private rooms, and shared rooms by color
  • Property Types – Scan vacation rental listings by type including condos, apartments, townhomes and more
  • Neighborhood Links – If you have subscribed to an entire market, click on a blue neighborhood name or zip code link to drill down into a specific neighborhood within the market
  • Icons for Property Attributes – Quickly scan the number of beds, baths, guests, and reviews for a vacation rental listing
  • Key Metrics – Compare the ADR, occupancy, and revenue for a particular property for the last twelve months to the market as a whole.

Ready to take your real estate investment to the next level? Check out our tutorial videos on YouTube then sign up for MarketMinder!