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Scott Shatford | May 27, 2016

Savvy real estate investors have realized the massive opportunity that Airbnb has created for investment in short-term rental properties. According to the National Association of Realtors, 1.13 million people bought a home in the U.S. last year with the intention of renting it out at least part time. With Airbnb travel demand growing by 100+% each year, the opportunity to grow a portfolio of short-term rental properties has never been greater.

However, picking the right rental property, and being able to accurately predict return on investment, is extremely difficult without the data.

We’ve launched our most powerful tool to date: Airbnb Investment Explorer

AirDNA utilizes the most trusted source of vacation rental property revenue data to reveal where the best investment locations are across the United States so you can find the best vacation rental markets. By comparing home values and long-term rental rates with Airbnb earnings, the Airbnb Investment Explorer will turn your ambition into a structured, data-driven real estate investment.


How the Airbnb Investment Explorer Works

AirDNA selected 70,000 full-time vacation rentals to analyze their revenue, occupancy, and average daily rate over the past year. We combined this zip code level short-term rental data with property values provided by Zillow to uncover where the biggest margin is between property costs and Airbnb rental values.

The Investment Explorer uses the advanced functionality of Tableau visualization software to enable users to quickly analyze over 10,000 cities and postal codes across the U.S. For the first time, investors in short-term rentals can eliminate the guesswork and accurately pinpoint the markets and types of properties that are generating the biggest returns on Airbnb.

Whether you are looking to buy a second home in a prime Airbnb location or flip long-term rentals into Airbnb cash cows, this product allows you to pinpoint the best location to invest in Airbnb rental properties across the US.


6 Steps to Find the Best Vacation Rental Markets

Start by opening Investment Explorer on your laptop or tablet.


  1. Hover over each city to get a sense of the size and overall performance
  2. Select a city to filter by zip code
  3. Review the expected profits of each zip code in the center chart.  The higher the triangle the better the returns
  4. Select a zip code to look at the properties only in that area
  5. Review the top performing properties in the map or in the table below
  6. Follow the links to Airbnb to analyze the properties and validate our numbers.


Data Accuracy and Methodology

AirDNA has been tracking the growth of Airbnb for two years, monitoring the performance of over 4 million rentals around the world. All of the underlying short-term rental data is gathered using our sophisticated scrapers & proprietary algorithms trusted by industry leaders such as Blackstone, CBRE, Bank of America, UBS and many more.

AirDNA is revealing for the first time vast market insights that were once only available to large corporate customers. The Airbnb Investment Explorer provides access to the revenue and occupancy rates of every Airbnb listing booked over 90 days in the past year in the United States. This is the ‘Rolls Royce’ product for anyone serious about making investments in short-term rentals.

Sign up to start your Airbnb journey, and find the best vacation rental markets with AirDNA.

One U.S. State = $199 per month
Full United States = $499 per month


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