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Become the go-to real estate team for vacation rentals.

AirDNA arms agents & brokerages with fast, accurate answers to buyers’ and sellers’ most common short-term rental questions. Close more deals faster by providing clients with must-know vacation rental insights.

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Why top agents & brokerages are using AirDNA vacation rental data


Short-term rental supply has tripled since 2016


of agents say vacation rentals are "common" or "extremely common"


STRs make up to 300% more than traditional long-term rentals


of all homes are now used as rental properties

“Knowing how much any given home could make as a vacation rental is a superpower. The reactions I get when showing buyers and sellers remind me why I love working in this business.” 

Alex H., Agent in Colorado

“AirDNA allows me to easily field questions around how much a home could make on Airbnb, what they could charge per night, and what the average occupancy would be. It really helps me stand out as an agent.”

Dave M., Real Estate Agent in Utah


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