Melbourne, Australia
Airbnb Data and Analytics - March 2017

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Melbourne, Australia
11,059 active rentals
Aug '15 - Feb '17
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Aug '15 - Feb '17

114 active rentals
Albert Park
171 active rentals
Box Hill
58 active rentals
Brighton Vic.
84 active rentals
238 active rentals
Brunswick East
88 active rentals
Brunswick West
48 active rentals
245 active rentals
Carlton North Princes Hill
69 active rentals
Caulfield North
88 active rentals
127 active rentals
293 active rentals
East Melbourne
152 active rentals
189 active rentals
249 active rentals
Fitzroy North
142 active rentals
57 active rentals
82 active rentals
73 active rentals
58 active rentals
1580 active rentals
Mount Dandenong Olinda
146 active rentals
North Melbourne
288 active rentals
114 active rentals
Point Cook
71 active rentals
Port Melbourne
127 active rentals
Prahran Windsor
220 active rentals
Richmond Vic.
336 active rentals
South Melbourne
182 active rentals
South Yarra East
414 active rentals
South Yarra West
88 active rentals
569 active rentals
St Kilda
708 active rentals
St Kilda East
149 active rentals
74 active rentals
41 active rentals
Yarra North
54 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Melbourne, Australia

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Melbourne

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 3 bedrooms, 4km to city Entire Place 3 93
2 Olinda Private Getaway Entire Place 1 93
3 Fitzroy Bluestone Entire Place 2 93
4 CBD modern apartment with views Entire Place 1 93
5 The Lane House-quiet&close to city Entire Place 1 93
6 Private and very comfortable studio Private room 1 93
7 Private and spacious 1BD+study Bayside Apartment Entire Place 1 93
8 Large home with sensational views Private room 1 91
9 Heritage Art Deco CBD Apartment Entire Place 1 91