Montreal, Canada
Airbnb Data and Analytics - June 2017

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Montreal, Canada
11,644 active rentals
Aug '15 - May '17
USD $149.95
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Aug '15 - May '17

Côte Saint Luc
35 active rentals
Côte des Neiges Notre Dame de Grâce
812 active rentals
82 active rentals
76 active rentals
Le Plateau Mont Royal
3372 active rentals
Le Sud Ouest
723 active rentals
Mercier Hochelaga Maisonneuve
475 active rentals
Mont Royal
45 active rentals
152 active rentals
Pierrefonds Roxboro
44 active rentals
Rosemont La Petite Patrie
1036 active rentals
Saint Laurent
109 active rentals
285 active rentals
Ville Marie
3664 active rentals
Villeray Saint Michel Parc Extensio
486 active rentals
60 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Montreal, Canada

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Airbnb Research on Montreal, Canada

Behind Paris, Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in the world. Thus, those who admire French architecture and culture travel to Montreal as a more affordable, convenient alternative to France. In addition, the city is home to important finance, pharmaceutical, and technology industries that host an abundance of international association events.

Montreal welcomed over 9.2 million visitors to the city in 2014. While the hotel industry has profited greatly, so have Airbnb hosts. Airbnb released a study last year, which concluded that Montreal has become its most popular destination in Canada. With thousands of active Airbnb listings and its riverfront location, the highest Airbnb occupancy rates occur throughout the summer season. During this time, occupancy rates range 30-40% higher than levels during the colder winter months. Thus, weekly RevPAR (revenue per available room) peaks in August and September and falls nearly $300 during December, January, and February.

The Airbnb landscape in Montreal is similar to most other cities throughout the Americas, with the number of listings considered “apartments” outnumbering “houses” by over 1000. Of these listings, 77% are “entire places” while approximately 23% are “private rooms”. With regard to price, private rooms average $40 annually, compared to 1-bedroom listings that average $80.

Montreal has taken an aggressive stance towards Airbnb expansion. Traditionally, Montreal has been loyal to its hotel industry, and continues to level the playing field between hotels and the short-term rental industry. In order to do to, Montreal holds Airbnb hosts to the same standards and obligations and hotel owners. This comes in the form of a permit and a resulting tax, which consists of a 250$ annual fee to rent rooms for fewer than 31 days at a time, and a 3% tax on the price per night. While Montreal and Airbnb continue to figure out the current situation, the number of listings continues to increase.