Toronto, Canada
Airbnb Data and Analytics - January 2017

Airbnb Market Report

Toronto, Canada
8,075 active rentals
Jan '15 - Dec '16
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Jan '15 - Dec '16

319 active rentals
Bay Street Corridor
392 active rentals
Cabbagetown South St.James Town
144 active rentals
Casa Loma
60 active rentals
Church Yonge Corridor
430 active rentals
47 active rentals
Dovercourt Wallace Emerson Junction
281 active rentals
Dufferin Grove
119 active rentals
East End Danforth
98 active rentals
Greenwood Coxwell
65 active rentals
High Park North
90 active rentals
High Park Swansea
106 active rentals
Junction Area
58 active rentals
Kensington Chinatown
285 active rentals
Little Portugal
316 active rentals
Moss Park
294 active rentals
Mount Pleasant West
141 active rentals
579 active rentals
North Riverdale
44 active rentals
North St.James Town
101 active rentals
Palmerston Little Italy
220 active rentals
Regent Park
73 active rentals
137 active rentals
Rosedale Moore Park
81 active rentals
South Parkdale
213 active rentals
South Riverdale
248 active rentals
The Beaches
133 active rentals
Trinity Bellwoods
289 active rentals
90 active rentals
Waterfront Communities The Island
2106 active rentals
Yonge Eglinton
65 active rentals
Yonge St.Clair
56 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Toronto, Canada

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Toronto

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 Stunning Condo In Great Location with Parking Entire Place 1 100
2 Downtown Luxury, Private Bathroom! Private room 1 93
3 Downtown -- Quiet, Luxury Room Private room 1 93
4 Room in trendy Bloor West Private room 1 93
5 Downtown -- Quiet, Private Room Private room 1 93
6 Your Home Away From Home Private room 1 90
7 Iconic Toy Factory, Liberty Village Entire Place 2 89
8 Your Home Away From Home #2 Private room 1 86
9 3 BEDS Queen St W Parking 24/7 Safe Entire Place 1 86