Vancouver, Canada
Airbnb Data and Analytics - April 2017

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Vancouver, Canada
4,244 active rentals
Apr '15 - Mar '17
USD $79.95
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Apr '15 - Mar '17

Downtown Eastside
102 active rentals
Downtown Vancouver
863 active rentals
Dunbar Southlands
80 active rentals
166 active rentals
109 active rentals
78 active rentals
Grandview Woodland
253 active rentals
Hastings Sunrise
132 active rentals
Kensington Cedar Cottage
236 active rentals
454 active rentals
100 active rentals
Mount Pleasant
345 active rentals
Renfrew Collingwood
154 active rentals
Riley Park
191 active rentals
South Cambie
57 active rentals
West End
417 active rentals
188 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Vancouver, Canada

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Vancouver

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 Contemporary Garden Suite Entire Place 1 98
2 private room with private bathroom Private room 1 93
3 Main Street & Riley\'s Little Luxury Entire Place 1 93
4 LaDonna Suite, Private & Central Entire Place 1 90
5 Downtown Room with 2 Separate BEDS Private room 1 86
6 Bacchus Suite, Private & Central Entire Place 1 86
7 Sunny Modern Suite on quiet street Entire Place 1 86
8 Large, Modern & Quiet Private Space Private room 1 86
9 Vancouver Character & Convenience Private room 1 86