Munich, Germany
Airbnb Data and Analytics - April 2017

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Munich, Germany
4,930 active rentals
Aug '15 - Mar '17
USD $79.95
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Aug '15 - Mar '17

54 active rentals
Altstadt Lehel
215 active rentals
Am Riesenfeld
95 active rentals
Au Haidhausen
349 active rentals
Berg am Laim
103 active rentals
140 active rentals
Ludwigsvorstadt Isarvorstadt
581 active rentals
494 active rentals
München Moosach
69 active rentals
282 active rentals
54 active rentals
168 active rentals
44 active rentals
Pasing Obermenzing
104 active rentals
Ramersdorf Perlach
151 active rentals
Schwabing Freimann
168 active rentals
Schwabing Ost
138 active rentals
Schwabing West
376 active rentals
203 active rentals
197 active rentals
Sendling Westpark
157 active rentals
Thalkirchen Obersendling Forstenrie
161 active rentals
Untergiesing Harlaching
169 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Munich, Germany

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