Paris, France
Airbnb Data and Analytics - March 2017

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Paris, France
39,178 active rentals
Mar '15 - Feb '17
USD $149.95
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Mar '15 - Feb '17

Batignolles Monceau
2370 active rentals
1481 active rentals
Buttes Chaumont
1820 active rentals
Buttes Montmartre
4325 active rentals
2618 active rentals
1219 active rentals
Hôtel de Ville
1779 active rentals
1040 active rentals
1493 active rentals
1906 active rentals
1459 active rentals
1647 active rentals
Palais Bourbon
1265 active rentals
1525 active rentals
2141 active rentals
3535 active rentals
1425 active rentals
2203 active rentals
2726 active rentals
1201 active rentals
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Best Airbnb Rentals in Paris

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 Elysées Wagram 1 - Brkfst included Private room 1 93
2 DUPLEX 80M2 - Marais Entire Place 2 93
3 Elysées Wagram 2 - Brkfst included Private room 1 93
4 Large design studio Champs-Elysées Entire Place 0 93
5 Belle chambre sur cour très calme Private room 1 90
6 Chambre \"Coté Montmartre\" Private room 1 90
7 Coeur Marais, Simple et Ravissant Entire Place 1 89
8 Charming flat in hip Belleville Entire Place 1 88
9 La Chambre Parisienne (Montmartre) Private room 1 87

Airbnb Research on Paris, France

Paris leads the world as the most sought after Airbnb destinations. The summer of 2011 brought 26,263 Airbnb guests to Paris. Three years later, the summer of 2014 recorded an increase of 500,000 to 517,821 arrivals. To accommodate these visitors, Paris is now home to upwards of 40,000 active Airbnb listings and considered Airbnb’s “Global Capital” for rentals.

Based on tracking over 20,000 of these listings, nearly 90% of Paris rentals are entire homes while 10% are considered private rooms. Further, 1-room properties account for nearly half of these listings. Properties are scattered throughout the city; however, the neighborhoods containing the largest number of properties are Le Maries, Montemartre, and Quartier Latin amongst others. Entire homes maintain the highest median nightly price, while in comparison, private rooms charge half per night. With regard to demand, the highest median occupancy rates occur from early spring through late Fall when the weather is most comfortable. Occupancy rates peak during these times and decrease sharply throughout the winter season. For example, one of the highest levels of occupancy occurs in October at 75%, and falls nearly 20% entering November. The price increases and recovers to peak levels March into April. During these times, 1-bedroom listing prices average $112 while private rooms average $51.

Contrary to some other cities that have confronted Airbnb with regulations, the French government has committed to welcoming more visitors and growing its’ tourism industry. A key component to these efforts has included the support of Airbnb.

Currently, Airbnb acts in full accordance with Paris legislation and enforces local taxes and regulations. This has led to a constructive relationship between hosts and Airbnb, as well as Airbnb and the City of Paris.