London, United Kingdom
Airbnb Data and Analytics - March 2017

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London, United Kingdom
38,203 active rentals
Mar '15 - Feb '17
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Mar '15 - Feb '17

680 active rentals
89 active rentals
1098 active rentals
285 active rentals
2734 active rentals
City of London
226 active rentals
430 active rentals
766 active rentals
225 active rentals
659 active rentals
2703 active rentals
Hammersmith and Fulham
2046 active rentals
949 active rentals
216 active rentals
235 active rentals
466 active rentals
2313 active rentals
Kensington and Chelsea
2766 active rentals
Kingston upon Thames
235 active rentals
2253 active rentals
1004 active rentals
527 active rentals
839 active rentals
290 active rentals
Richmond upon Thames
618 active rentals
2360 active rentals
Tower Hamlets
3934 active rentals
Waltham Forest
611 active rentals
1835 active rentals
4411 active rentals
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Airbnb Research on London, United Kingdom

The year 2015 was a game-changer for London, as 17.4 million foreign visitors arrived in the city. This increase in arrivals resulted in an economic boost of nearly 11.8 billion Euros, with the tourism industry at the forefront. However, the profits reached far beyond London’s big businesses. Specifically, Airbnb and its hosts also benefited from the tourism growth.

London is was one of biggest laggards in Airbnb adoption but is now making up for lost time and is one of the fastest growing. 60% of the listed rentals are considered to be “entire places” while the other 40% are registered as “private rooms”. For London, seasonality does not have as significant of an impact on demand as other cities throughout the world. Occupancy rates remain consistent throughout the year, peaking in July at 78%, and lowest in January at 45%. The majority of rentals consist of private rooms and 1-room apartments, accounting for over half of all Airbnb properties in London. Central districts of London house the most rentals, with the greatest concentrations being within the neighborhoods of Shoreditch, Notting Hill, and Marylebone. In these neighborhoods, the average price for a 1-bedroom listing is $180, while private rooms average $85.

Previously illegal, as of February 2015, a new amendment to the capital’s legislation allowed homeowners to rent out their homes as short-term holiday rentals for no more than 3 months per year. This has allowed locals to make additional income while residing in one of most expensive cities in the world.