Rome, Italy
Airbnb Data and Analytics - May 2017

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Rome, Italy
22,974 active rentals
May '15 - Apr '17
USD $99.95
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May '15 - Apr '17

254 active rentals
67 active rentals
Campo Marzio
714 active rentals
Castro Pretorio
755 active rentals
314 active rentals
351 active rentals
1416 active rentals
166 active rentals
1461 active rentals
527 active rentals
144 active rentals
581 active rentals
1187 active rentals
415 active rentals
65 active rentals
125 active rentals
San Saba
43 active rentals
112 active rentals
242 active rentals
188 active rentals
1455 active rentals
345 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Rome, Italy

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Rome

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 Colosseo Terrace 180° Entire Place 1 100
2 Large sunny room with bathroom in Circus Maximus Private room 1 97
3 Casina Colosseo Entire Place 1 93
4 Flat for families in central Rome Entire Place 3 93
5 The mini apartment RomAntica Entire Place 0 93
6 Casa Winkler Entire Place 1 93
7 Casa Winkler (extra large) Entire Place 2 93
8 Via Giulia a colori, HistoricCenter Entire Place 1 93
9 Near Vatican, WiFi, AC, Privat Bath Private room 1 93

Airbnb Research on Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the Top 5 Airbnb destinations in Europe, with over 11,000 Airbnb listings. The demand for these rentals is relatively seasonal as compared to the other major markets. Occupancy rates peak during the spring season and in the early fall. The greatest earning potential for properties occurs May through August. Occupancy rates during these seasons average 30-40% higher than rates in the winter. 67% of all Airbnb listing in Rome are “entire places” rentals while nearly 33% are “private rooms” with almost no shared space rentals. Further, an overwhelmingly majority of these rentals are apartments rather than houses. Private rooms and 1-room rentals significantly outnumber other types of rentals, each accounting for roughly a third of totally rentals in the city. With regard to price, 1-bedroom listings average around $90, while private rooms average $51. To find the greatest concentration of rentals, one can look to the neighborhoods of Aurelio, Monti, Prati, and Travestere although rentals are plentiful throughout other neighborhoods of Rome.

Airbnb regulation has been tight in Rome. With one of the stricter enforcement codes, Rome has required an authorization to rent out a property and it is not always easy to obtain this permit. In addition, there are tourism and income taxes that hosts are expected to pay to the city. However, Rome has not been successful in enforcing these regulations, hence the abundant number of properties within the city boundaries.