Osaka, Japan
Airbnb Data and Analytics - July 2017

Airbnb Market Report

Osaka, Japan
12,209 active rentals
Aug '15 - Jun '17
USD $119.95
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Aug '15 - Jun '17

Abeno Ku
121 active rentals
Asahi Ku
53 active rentals
Chuo Ku
5187 active rentals
Fukushima Ku
99 active rentals
Higashinari Ku
159 active rentals
Higashisumiyoshi Ku
96 active rentals
Higashiyodogawa Ku
253 active rentals
Ikuno Ku
270 active rentals
Joto Ku
79 active rentals
Konohana Ku
81 active rentals
Minato Ku
109 active rentals
Miyakojima Ku
207 active rentals
Naniwa Ku
3049 active rentals
Nishinari Ku
1102 active rentals
Nishiyodogawa Ku
47 active rentals
Suminoe Ku
97 active rentals
Sumiyoshi Ku
65 active rentals
Taisho Ku
76 active rentals
Tennoji Ku
575 active rentals
Yodogawa Ku
444 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Osaka, Japan

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