Osaka, Japan
Airbnb Data and Analytics - March 2017

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Osaka, Japan
10,721 active rentals
Aug '15 - Feb '17
USD $99.95
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Aug '15 - Feb '17

Abeno Ku
119 active rentals
Asahi Ku
46 active rentals
Chuo Ku
4441 active rentals
Fukushima Ku
95 active rentals
Higashinari Ku
139 active rentals
Higashisumiyoshi Ku
77 active rentals
Higashiyodogawa Ku
264 active rentals
Hirano Ku
44 active rentals
Ikuno Ku
238 active rentals
Joto Ku
73 active rentals
Konohana Ku
64 active rentals
Minato Ku
85 active rentals
Miyakojima Ku
221 active rentals
Naniwa Ku
2864 active rentals
Nishinari Ku
814 active rentals
Nishiyodogawa Ku
51 active rentals
Suminoe Ku
72 active rentals
Sumiyoshi Ku
65 active rentals
Taisho Ku
68 active rentals
Tennoji Ku
414 active rentals
Yodogawa Ku
461 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Osaka, Japan

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Osaka

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 ★30min to USJ★7min WALK FROM TENNOJI POCKET WI-FI Entire Place 1 91
2 Ambition House room K Private room 1 87
3 Japanese Style TATAMI Detached Room Private room 1 87
4 Our flat Open will This December!! Private room 1 86
5 East of Dotonbori 1 min to Station 901 Entire Place 1 86
6 Stylish twin roomOsaka Namba area Entire Place 1 86
7 10Beds and Carport!! @Shin-Osaka Entire Place 3 86
8 ♡ Brand New ♡ Kitty Apartment 802 ♡ Entire Place 1 86
9 Ambithion House room I Private room 1 86