Tokyo, Japan
Airbnb Data and Analytics - April 2017

Airbnb Market Report

Tokyo, Japan
16,920 active rentals
Apr '15 - Mar '17
USD $129.95
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Apr '15 - Mar '17

Adachi Ku
274 active rentals
Arakawa Ku
396 active rentals
Bunkyo Ku
282 active rentals
Chiyoda Ku
304 active rentals
Chuo Ku
602 active rentals
Edogawa Ku
208 active rentals
Itabashi Ku
234 active rentals
Katsushika Ku
169 active rentals
Kita Ku
335 active rentals
Koto Ku
266 active rentals
Meguro Ku
450 active rentals
Minato Ku
1287 active rentals
Nakano Ku
558 active rentals
Nerima Ku
184 active rentals
Ota Ku
294 active rentals
Setagaya Ku
712 active rentals
Shibuya Ku
2329 active rentals
Shinagawa Ku
454 active rentals
Shinjuku Ku
3838 active rentals
Suginami Ku
340 active rentals
Sumida Ku
723 active rentals
Taito Ku
1466 active rentals
Toshima Ku
1215 active rentals
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