Seoul, South Korea
Airbnb Data and Analytics - July 2017

Airbnb Market Report

Seoul, South Korea
12,676 active rentals
Jul '15 - Jun '17
USD $99.95
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Jul '15 - Jun '17

Dongdaemun gu
243 active rentals
Dongjak gu
160 active rentals
Eunpyeong gu
146 active rentals
Gangdong gu
77 active rentals
Gangnam gu
1352 active rentals
Gangseo gu
230 active rentals
Gwanak gu
207 active rentals
Gwangjin gu
135 active rentals
Jongno gu
1449 active rentals
Jung gu
1960 active rentals
Mapo gu
2950 active rentals
Seocho gu
590 active rentals
Seodaemun gu
801 active rentals
Seongbuk gu
266 active rentals
Seongdong gu
156 active rentals
Songpa gu
279 active rentals
Yangcheon gu
71 active rentals
Yeongdeungpo gu
275 active rentals
Yongsan gu
1095 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Seoul, South Korea

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