San Francisco, California
Airbnb Data and Analytics - March 2017

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San Francisco, California
5,526 active rentals
Mar '15 - Feb '17
USD $139.95
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Mar '15 - Feb '17

Alamo Square
68 active rentals
93 active rentals
Bernal Heights
263 active rentals
91 active rentals
Cole Valley
67 active rentals
Cow Hollow
74 active rentals
239 active rentals
Duboce Triangle
94 active rentals
64 active rentals
Financial District
52 active rentals
Fisherman's Wharf
31 active rentals
Glen Park
59 active rentals
Haight Ashbury
145 active rentals
Hayes Valley
113 active rentals
40 active rentals
Inner Sunset
92 active rentals
104 active rentals
Mission District
618 active rentals
Nob Hill
210 active rentals
Noe Valley
256 active rentals
North Beach
63 active rentals
Outer Sunset
241 active rentals
Pacific Heights
170 active rentals
Potrero Hill
155 active rentals
Richmond District
318 active rentals
Russian Hill
91 active rentals
415 active rentals
South Beach
52 active rentals
66 active rentals
Telegraph Hill
87 active rentals
77 active rentals
The Castro
228 active rentals
Twin Peaks
65 active rentals
Western Addition NOPA
287 active rentals
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Mar '15 - Feb '17

247 active rentals
363 active rentals
88 active rentals
282 active rentals
180 active rentals
433 active rentals
765 active rentals
214 active rentals
465 active rentals
254 active rentals
137 active rentals
445 active rentals
184 active rentals
169 active rentals
213 active rentals
226 active rentals
93 active rentals
96 active rentals
244 active rentals
54 active rentals
211 active rentals
66 active rentals
36 active rentals
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Airbnb Research on San Francisco, California

San Francisco, home to Airbnb headquarters, welcomed 18.01 million visitors in 2014, an increase of 6.5 percent from 2013. These visitors spent $10.67 billion in 2014, up 13.7 percent from the previous year. In 2014, there was an average of 150,412 visitors in San Francisco each day. Visitor spending equated to $29.23 million daily

This city has been one of the global leaders in embracing the sharing economy. Just in the past year, 130,000 people stayed in peer-to-peer lodging such as Airbnb in SF.  As San Francisco is the founding place of the company, this is a very mature market with 49.1% of people having 10 or more reviews. The city is home from 5,074 listings, San Francisco’s highest Airbnb populated area is in zip code 94110 stretching from the Mission District to College Hill with 795 listings. The second most popular area is in Dolores Heights and surrounding areas under zip code 94114 with 430 listings. With rent and housing being expensive in this area there will always be demand for cheaper alternatives such as Airbnb. This is reflected in the weekly Revenue per available room, averaging around $1,300 from June to August, which is the highest for this category in the country. Because there is such high demand for housing and rentals in the area, these numbers will only drop around 30% in the winter.

While cities across the world are debating over regulations for the company, Airbnb and San Francisco have been able to work together and have been able to form a productive relationship. Airbnb and the San Francisco Travel Association formed a co-marketing partnership, marking the first agreement of its kind between the accommodations-listing service and a U.S. city’s travel bureau. In Addition Airbnb has been working with San Francisco on securing a set of regulations that allow residents to rent out their homes through Airbnb and similar services without worsening the city’s housing shortage. For a list of specific rules and regulations in the area, visit the San Francisco Planning Department.