Washington, District of Columbia
Airbnb Data and Analytics - March 2017

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Washington, District of Columbia
5,970 active rentals
Mar '15 - Feb '17
USD $129.95
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Mar '15 - Feb '17

16th Street Heights
85 active rentals
Adams Morgan
256 active rentals
Barney Circle
86 active rentals
138 active rentals
66 active rentals
Capitol Hill
628 active rentals
Cleveland Park
58 active rentals
Columbia Heights
352 active rentals
Downtown Penn Quarter
178 active rentals
Dupont Circle
257 active rentals
151 active rentals
Foggy Bottom
213 active rentals
144 active rentals
Glover Park
61 active rentals
Judiciary Square
100 active rentals
78 active rentals
Kingman Park
108 active rentals
LeDroit Park
67 active rentals
Logan Circle
295 active rentals
Manor Park
49 active rentals
Mount Pleasant
107 active rentals
Mount Vernon Square
131 active rentals
Navy Yard
36 active rentals
Near Northeast H Street Corridor
363 active rentals
38 active rentals
Park View
94 active rentals
149 active rentals
237 active rentals
Southwest Waterfront
129 active rentals
99 active rentals
U Street Corridor
311 active rentals
Woodley Park
47 active rentals
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Mar '15 - Feb '17

927 active rentals
1041 active rentals
471 active rentals
267 active rentals
34 active rentals
279 active rentals
170 active rentals
956 active rentals
335 active rentals
329 active rentals
73 active rentals
46 active rentals
98 active rentals
120 active rentals
98 active rentals
109 active rentals
121 active rentals
131 active rentals
107 active rentals
204 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Washington, District of Columbia

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Washington

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 Brand new english basement Entire Place 1 100
2 Sweet Basement Apt in Petworth Entire Place 1 99
3 Cozy Downtown Studio w/ Rooftop Entire Place 1 93
4 Private Central DC Townhouse Entire Place 1 93
5 HUGE In-law Suite Entire Place 1 93
6 Deluxe Georgetown Suite! Sleeps 4 on P Street Entire Place 1 93
7 Private Suite/New Home/Great Neighborhood/Metro Private room 1 93
8 Cozy bedroom in cozy apartment Private room 1 93
9 Capitol Hill/ US Senate/US Capitol Entire Place 1 93

Airbnb Research on Washington, District of Columbia

Home to national memorials, government offices, and much more, Washington DC has continued to grow culturally and economically. Together, this has attracted young professionals as well as tourists who arrive with hopes to experience this evolving district.

With this growth, those within the city limits have benefited, specifically Airbnb hosts. With thousands of active listings, occupancy rates remain above average compared to other cities through the US. The summer boasts the highest levels of occupancy, as does the spring when the Cherry Blossoms bloom and the weather warms. Occupancy rates during these seasons average around 70%, 20% higher than rates during the winter months. Thus, RevPAR (revenue per available room) is highest from April to August, then, when the humidity and temperatures begin to cool, RevPAR recovers again in September. The majority, nearly 70%, of active Airbnb listings are “entire places” while the other 30% are considered “private rooms”. The available apartments for rent outnumber the supply of houses for rent by roughly double, which is not uncommon amongst urban areas throughout the US.

Washington DC and Airbnb have had a strong relationship since the start, and continue to work through legislation to keep Airbnb legal and protect hosts. A registration and permit are required for all hosts, and further, as of February 2015, the city has imposed a 14.5% “Transient Lodging Tax” to all registered Airbnb hosts. This tax is added to the totally amount paid by guests on visits less than 91 days. Similar to other cities, DC has had a difficult time identifying and penalizing hosts who do not abide by city regulation. However, Airbnb and the city continue to work together to create a constructive relationship so the city, and its Airbnb hosts, can reap the benefits of its visitors.