Chicago, Illinois
Airbnb Data and Analytics - June 2017

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Chicago, Illinois
6,779 active rentals
Jun '15 - May '17
USD $129.95
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Jun '15 - May '17

141 active rentals
79 active rentals
145 active rentals
103 active rentals
172 active rentals
Garfield Park
60 active rentals
Humboldt Park
241 active rentals
Hyde Park
106 active rentals
Irving Park
106 active rentals
56 active rentals
809 active rentals
Lincoln Park
318 active rentals
Lincoln Square
115 active rentals
Logan Square
379 active rentals
420 active rentals
Near North Side
263 active rentals
Near West Side
173 active rentals
North Center
144 active rentals
Old Town
64 active rentals
216 active rentals
River North
297 active rentals
River West
36 active rentals
Rogers Park
154 active rentals
South Loop Printers Row
220 active rentals
153 active rentals
Ukrainian Village
150 active rentals
277 active rentals
West Loop Greektown
124 active rentals
West Town Noble Square
238 active rentals
Wicker Park
267 active rentals
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Jun '15 - May '17

257 active rentals
67 active rentals
172 active rentals
27 active rentals
128 active rentals
293 active rentals
55 active rentals
280 active rentals
273 active rentals
162 active rentals
344 active rentals
393 active rentals
158 active rentals
195 active rentals
315 active rentals
552 active rentals
136 active rentals
138 active rentals
62 active rentals
84 active rentals
274 active rentals
66 active rentals
224 active rentals
64 active rentals
548 active rentals
40 active rentals
127 active rentals
177 active rentals
556 active rentals
132 active rentals
61 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Chicago, Illinois

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Chicago

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 Cozy Wicker Park, Chicago Apartment Entire Place 1 100
2 Polk Street Coach House Entire Place 2 93
3 Luxry home Sleep 10 2BR w-Fplace! Entire Place 2 93
4 Master Suite-Right Next To Exit/Entrance! Private room 1 92
5 Cool & Unique Space In A Walkable And Fun Area Private room 1 91
6 Lincoln Square Garden apartment Entire Place 1 88
7 Pearl in the Park Entire Place 2 87
8 Comfy 3BD/1BA, garage spot included Entire Place 3 87
9 Dream Condo steps from Wrigley Field! Entire Place 2 86

Airbnb Research on Chicago, Illinois

Throughout the winter, Chicago battles months of frigid cold and lake effect snows. However, the summer season welcomes beach goers and boaters alike. The four seasons are what make Chicago so unique, combined with a growing economy and fast pace of life, Chicago has evolved into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. With thousands of Airbnb properties, there has been no shortage of places for these visitors to stay.

Of the properties listed, nearly 60% are considered “Entire Places”, 35% “Private Rooms”, and the remaining 5% as “Shared Rooms”. Further, “private rooms” and “1-room” apartments account for nearly half of all listed rentals. Historically, occupancy rates average 30-40% higher in the summer months than the winter. For example, occupancy rates peak at 71% in August and bottom out at 32% in January. Thus, RevPAR (Revenue per available room) peaks May through October, and drastically decreases November through June. In both cases, weekends charge a higher price of a few hundred dollars more compared to weeknights citywide. Tourists prefer a lakefront experience, causing a greater concentration of Airbnb listings to be in lakefront neighborhoods. Specifically, zip codes 60614, 60622, 60647, and 60657 are all home to over 300 listings each. In these areas and other neighborhoods of Chicago, the average price per private room is $70 while 1-bedroom listings average $148.

Chicago, like other cities, has implemented legislation regarding short-term vacation rentals. The city requires a “vacation rental” license for those hosting short-term guests. The city also requires registering with the city if the property meets bed and breakfast standards. In addition, Chicago imposes a 4.5% “Hotel Accommodations Tax” for the listing price, although in some cases Airbnb can reimburse. Overall, while Chicago may not the most profitable or easiest place to start up an Airbnb, there is money to be made and plenty of demand.