Boston, Massachusetts
Airbnb Data and Analytics - June 2017

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Boston, Massachusetts
2,509 active rentals
Jun '15 - May '17
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Jun '15 - May '17

Back Bay
417 active rentals
Beacon Hill
236 active rentals
303 active rentals
East Boston
211 active rentals
Fenway Kenmore
336 active rentals
Financial District
36 active rentals
North End
168 active rentals
South Boston
304 active rentals
South End
324 active rentals
West End
87 active rentals
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Jun '15 - May '17

101 active rentals
67 active rentals
52 active rentals
177 active rentals
125 active rentals
242 active rentals
178 active rentals
455 active rentals
248 active rentals
207 active rentals
213 active rentals
100 active rentals
317 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Boston, Massachusetts

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Boston

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 Cozy, colorful & private on a park Private room 1 93
2 Desirable Seaport district apt Entire Place 1 91
3 \"La Gemma\" - a gem in the North End Entire Place 2 86
4 Cozy, high-rise room, stunning view Private room 1 86
5 Heart of the South End Near It All! Shared room 1 86
6 Priv/Stylish btwn Dwntwn & Airport Private room 1 86
7 Boston Apartment (North End) Entire Place 1 86
8 Private apt/w parking/cozy garden Entire Place 1 86
9 Sunny APT 15 min from downtown Entire Place 1 79

Airbnb Research on Boston, Massachusetts

This vibrant, thriving city is renowned for its cultural facilities, world-class educational institutions, champion sports franchises, as well as its place at the very forefront of American history. A total of 16,250,000 international and domestic visitors made their way to the Boston region in 2014.

Boston benefits from a relatively balanced tourism market mix between commercial, group, and leisure room night demand. In this city with 1160 listings, the most popular area for Airbnb’s is in the Back Bay area with 201 listings (zip code 02116). This city is also one of the more seasonal travel destinations in the United States. Starting in June up through October, the revenue per available room tends to average around $1000 per week. Then, in late November until May these numbers can drop by as much as 55%. Boston is also an Airbnb market that has seen a lot of success; where over 50% of the hosts there have multiple properties. The reason for this possibly being that according to the Boston Business Journal, “It’s 38 percent cheaper to stay in a Boston-area vacation rental home such as Airbnb than to stay in a hotel”.  The Average length of stay for the domestic visitors to Boston is 3.2 nights, and the total amount spent for leisure visitors was $572 per night. Approximately 40% of the money spent by these visitors' is for accommodations and 60% is for dining, entertainment, shopping and sightseeing. With Tourism as one of the largest industries in the North East, and Boston being one of the most popular destinations, listing a property or room in this area through Airbnb can be very profitable.

There is not yet any specific legislation in place to regulate Airbnb listings in the Boston area. Private rooms and homes booked through Airbnb or its competitor sites, such as VRBO, are not subject to state licensing regulations, such as annual health and safety inspections, or room tax collections. The tax applies only to establishments with three or more rooms. But, according to the Boston Globe, “the bill pending before the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Revenue would require all short-stay rentals to register with the state Department of Housing and Community Development, and to collect the state’s 5.7 percent rooms tax”.