Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3,148 active rentals
Mar '15 - Feb '17
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Mar '15 - Feb '17

46 active rentals
Center City
692 active rentals
75 active rentals
109 active rentals
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Logan Square
112 active rentals
56 active rentals
Northern Liberties
75 active rentals
South Philadelphia
699 active rentals
Spring Garden
70 active rentals
University City
295 active rentals
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Mar '15 - Feb '17

64 active rentals
336 active rentals
206 active rentals
112 active rentals
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140 active rentals
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47 active rentals
129 active rentals
71 active rentals
106 active rentals
292 active rentals
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111 active rentals
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Active Airbnb rentals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Best Airbnb Rentals in Philadelphia

Listing Title Room Type Rooms Airdna Score
1 Private Apartment 6 minutes away from INTL Airport Entire Place 0 93
2 Guest Room, in Sunny Townhouse Private room 1 92
3 Fantastic Trinity Townhouse in NL Entire Place 2 91
4 Townhouse off South St - 2br/1ba Private room 1 91
5 Cozy Bedroom in Park Private room 1 90
6 Rustic Townhouse by Art Museum Entire Place 1 89
7 Passyunk Ave: hottest area in PHL! Private room 2 86
8 Private Room in South Philadelphia! Private room 1 86
9 The Philadelphia Experience - A Entire Place 0 86

Airbnb Research on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With a rich history and over 1 million loyal sports fans, Philadelphia has become an attractive destination for U.S. history enthusiasts and sports fans alike. Roughly 40 million people visited the greater Philadelphia area in 2014 alone, generating revenue and creating nearly 100,000 jobs. In 2015, the Democratic National Convention and the arrival of Pope Francis promises to draw an even larger crowd to town.

However, this tourism boost has not only benefited local employees and businesses, but Airbnb hosts as well. Philadelphia is home to nearly 2,000 active Airbnb listings, and has experienced tremendous growth throughout the past few months. 60% of these properties are listed as “entire places” while the remaining 40% are considered “private rooms”. A majority of these listings are apartments compared to homes, specifically private rooms or one-room properties. Due to cold and moderately snowy winters, occupancy rates for these listings dip from November into December and through the winter and increase nearly 20% during the summer and fall seasons when it is easier for tourists to explore the city. Thus, RevPAR (revenue per available room) during the spring, early summer, and fall months can reach potential revenues double or higher than revenues of the winter. Private rooms in both apartments and houses average around $70, while most common 1-bedroom listings average $130.

With regard to regulation, Airbnb gained an important legal victory when Philadelphia agreed to legalize rentals within city lines. However, compromises were made. These restrictions consist of zoning modifications that make most short-term rentals illegal in residential neighborhoods, a permit for rentals lasting longer than 30 days, and cap the number of days a host can make their listing available at 180. Further, an 18% hotel tax has been implemented. While these regulations may sound strenuous, the tremendous growth of number of listings in the city tells otherwise. Over 1000 new Airbnb listings appeared in the area between June and July in 2015.