Sobre AirDNA

AirDNA ofrece datos y estadísticas a empresarios e inversores sobre alquileres vacacionales. AirDNA analiza el rendimiento diario de más de 4.5 millones propiedades en más de 60000 mercados de todo el mundo y produce market reports y otros productos de datos entre los que se incluyen estadísticas de ocupación, demanda estacional y los beneficios generados por alquileres a corto plazo. Esta información, a la que anteriormente solo podían acceder las grandes cadenas hoteleras, está ahora disponible para el propietario de a pie y el inversor inmobiliario.

AirDNA brinda a los empresarios las herramientas y datos necesarios para que hagan crecer sus negocios de alquiler. Ya sea para poner una casa en alquiler, gestionar las propiedades de otra persona o detectar nuevas oportunidades de inversión residenciales, AirDNA ayudará a sus clientes a tomar mejores decisiones en base a datos.

Scott Shatford

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Scott is the author of “The Airbnb Expert’s Playbook” and has been an Airbnb entrepreneur for several years. He operates five highly successful vacation rentals and founded AirDNA in 2014 to empower other Airbnb hosts and investors to increase their success by using big data. Scott is an outspoken advocate of the sharing economy and has appeared on national broadcasts such as Nightline and Fox News advocating its merits. As a board member of the Los Angeles Short-term Rental Alliance, Scott meets with city planners to advise them on fair and effective home sharing legislation.

Scott has an Economics degree from the University of Arizona and spent 9 years managing a Business Intelligence team at Korn/Ferry International before venturing into the sharing economy.

Will Shatford

Co-Founder & VP Product
[email protected]

Will has been developing web properties since 1995 when he created, the first global business directory that specialized in local search. With 10 million listing in more than 200 countries, it was the first global business directory and a pioneer of the Pay for Placement business model. ComFind was acquired by NBCi in 1999 where Will became VP of Technology and CIO of Always fascinated with other technologies, Will then founded a biometrics company, placing a fingerprint sensor on a battery powered credit card for high security authentication. Recent projects include CPV solar for terrestrial and satellites, LED based lighting products design and development, and designing and building electronics for race cars.

Tom Caton

Chief Revenue Officer
[email protected]

Tom is a serial traveler whose business career has taken him from London to Osaka to Munich to Chicago to Seoul to New York to Los Angeles. He has subsumed himself in international business and pioneers AirDNA analytics around the world.

Before AirDNA, Tom worked a series of other web-businesses, as well as working in Global Strategy Group at Samsung. Before taking his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Tom worked in Corporate Finance at KPMG.

Eric Rosenfeld

Head of Product
[email protected]

Eric has served in multiple product and engineering leadership roles with startups and established companies. As CTO at Trueffect, he led product management and engineering. At Spongecell, he served as VP of engineering and led development of an award-winning dynamic advertising and creative optimization platform. At Ooyala he led development of the company's entire SaaS video platform, serving over 600 customers worldwide and delivering over 1B videos per month to 200M unique users.

Eric currently advises startups and is a volunteer with House of Genius' Denver chapter, Blackstone Entrepreneur's Network, and Galvanize.

Nick Duffy

Tech Lead & Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer
[email protected]

At AirDNA, Nick is focused on architecting and optimizing the infrastructure along with the engineering team which will allow AirDNA to grow and scale to new heights. As a serial learner, Nick is always reading up on new technology, trying to find ways to better AirDNA engineering. He is also a frequent technical reviewer of books for Packt Publishing and an occasional author of technical articles for companies like StrongLoop and SemaphoreCI.

Prior to AirDNA, Nick has applied his engineering expertise in jobs for a wide range of industries, including telecom, advertising, and even yoga studio chains. As a logical step before entering the engineering field, Nick spent three years as a golf professional at a Denver country club.

When he is not coming up with engineering solutions, he enjoys going to Rockies games, tuning up his golf swing, and spending time with his wife and children.

John Dyer

Senior Software Engineer
[email protected]

John started programming in high school and never looked back; his first job was a part-time web-developer. Since then, he’s worked in several different industries from commercial credit to cable. At AirDNA, John develops software and infrastructure to provide the team with a stable platform to build awesome products on.

Outside of work, he loves to camp, ski, drive, and travel. He’s been to 24 countries and 45 US states. He’s also working hard on developing his ping-pong game at the expense of his already not-so-amazing golf game.

Jeff Soffer

Data Analyst
[email protected]

Originally from Northern Virginia, Jeff traded in the relative career stability in the geospatial industry for an opportunity to teach English in South America. After spending the following months traveling through South and Central America he settled in Sydney, Australia. There, he spent two years working in the insurance industry building natural hazard models and advising insurers to understand the data they had on their customers to optimize their portfolios.

With a degree in Geography, Jeff uses his global insights, travelling experience, and world view to parse the AirDNA database to create insights, reveal trends, and develop new products for AirDNA customers.

Dan Gloven

Data Scientist
[email protected]

Dan leads AirDNA's data science endeavors. He spends his time deriving insights from data, writing algorithms and building models to make AirDNA's data-driven products more intelligent and more valuable to customers. His main interests include machine learning, statistics, databases, data visualization and Python programming.

Prior to AirDNA, he worked as a Data Analyst and Software Developer in the oil and gas industry where he developed applications to predict and pinpoint risk exposure in pipelines. Dan has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley. While at Berkeley he designed residential solar systems for Sungevity. He also worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory designing mechanical systems to simulate the effect of carbon sequestration on the presence of trace metals in aquifers.

He has a passion for exploring the outdoors and spends his free time rock climbing, skiing and mountain biking.

Chris Henly

Head of Sales
[email protected]

Arriving in Barcelona in 2005, Chris rose through the ranks in sales departments from outbound calling to team and account management. With his skills running large teams of sales reps, Chris has helped global leaders in IT and other organizations to scale their teams and grow their business.

Chris joined AirDNA in January 2018 as Head of Sales. His sales mentors are John Barrows, Tony Robbins, Paul Cherry and Brian Tracy.

Sarah DuPre

Director of Business Development
[email protected]

Originally from South Carolina, Sarah found her passion for languages and travel in college. She lived in Mexico, France and Spain before finally settling down in Barcelona. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Columbia College and a Master of Science in Management from ESADE in Barcelona.

Sarah’s passion for international travel has led her to AirDNA, where she helps academic institutions and real estate investors worldwide comprehend the impact of Airbnb and the sharing economy on their local area and get an edge on the competition.

Kellen Kruse

Director of Business Development
[email protected]

Kellen leads AirDNA’s Tourism/DMO business, advising tourism boards and destinations across the globe on how to effectively use short-term rental data for strategic planning amid the sharing economy. Prior to AirDNA, Kellen spent ten years working in finance, data analytics, and business development for large corporations. Most recently, he worked in Capital Group’s strategy group leveraging analytics to drive growth in their high net worth business. He started his career with Raytheon where he first discovered his love for travel taking finance and business development roles in LA, Germany, and Boston before finally settling down in Santa Monica.

Kellen is an enthusiastic traveler (visited 35+ countries), avid sports fan, and snowboarder. When he is not playing beach volleyball in Santa Monica he can be found living it up in Airbnbs around the world from Berlin to Tel Aviv to Barcelona.

Kellen holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and a dual degree in finance and accounting from the University of Kansas.

Aimee Trusler

Business Development Manager
[email protected]

Aimee, originally from Australia, has traveled extensively through Eurasia, Africa, and Central America, with most of her business career spent between Sydney and London.

At AirDNA, Aimee works together with vacation rental managers and academic institutions from all over the world to help them better understand Airbnb’s global influence and maximize potential in any given market.

After years of exploring the Spanish culture, she has now relocated permanently to Spain where she brings her industry knowledge and background in global business development to the AirDNA team in Barcelona.

James Kinnersly

Business Development Manager
[email protected]

From the Channel Islands, James has worked in Buenos Aires, Japan, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many other Middle Eastern nations, but made the move to Barcelona over 10 years ago to settle in the Catalan capital.

With AirDNA, James deploys his international business development skills with a wide range of clients from international real estate firms to private equity clients looking to further explore and understand the burgeoning Airbnb space.

He enjoys sports from squash to tennis, rugby and football and loves an outdoor lifestyle.

Tom McKeown

Business Development Manager
[email protected]

Tom has extensive experience working in revenue management for short-term rentals, as well as holding a number of other roles in sales and account management.

At AirDNA, Tom’s goal is to understand customer goals, and provide insights and experience into how to stay ahead in their market. Using his experience of working in tourist accommodation, Tom helps clients to get more than just data from their experience working with AirDNA.

Tom is from Ireland but has been living in Barcelona for eight years.

Florian Stich

Data Partnerships Director
[email protected]

After years of working for blue chip companies in London, Flo moved to Barcelona to help build up Yahoo’s pan-European sales hub specializing in fast growth startups. Having worked with some of the most successful young enterprises he decided to switch sides and joined vacation rental players to apply his insight. At AirDNA he is tasked with forging strategic data partnerships with the key players of this industry.

He speaks fluent German, Spanish and English, and loves soccer.

Muezz Vestin

Business Development Manager
[email protected]

Muezz moved to Barcelona from his native Sweden after spending three years living in Lithuania and in China. A hustler and salesman from 12 years old, Muezz has started several of his own companies in clothing, merchandise and confectionary. He speaks Swedish, Lithuanian, Chinese and Japanese, presenting a talk at TedX in Vilnius on how to "hack" a country through learning languages. Muezz now uses his skills in business strategy, communication and perseverance to expand the reach of AirDNA's data products and services to new markets.

Outside of vacation rental analytics, Muezz loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu and his Russian wolfhound Itake - the Barcelona office mascot.

Nicole Bull

Business Development Manager
[email protected]

Nicole, born in the UK but brought up in the Netherlands, started her business career abroad in Spain and took it to the next level by exploring the hospitality, tourism and real estate sectors in Mexico for the last decade.

Now stationed in Barcelona, she brings her knowledge and background to reach out to destination marketing organizations, hotels and real estate agencies. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and Dutch and is eager to help those who are unaware of the Airbnb’s global influence.

Outside from AirDNA she loves traveling, concerts, sports and taking long walks with her two French bulldogs.

Pauline Brignol

Business Development Manager
[email protected]

Pauline graduated with a Bachelor Degree in International Business from Towson University. After living and studying in the United States for several years, she has recently moved to Barcelona.

At AirDNA, Pauline works closely with the sales team to find markets that would benefit from Airbnb data, and help customers understand the importance of Big Data in analyzing travel, tourism and real estate trends.

Originally from France, Pauline discovered the importance of traveling and discovering new countries, languages and culture thanks to her international marketing studies, and loves to work in a multicultural environment.

My Larsson

Customer Success Director
[email protected]

At AirDNA, My helps vacation rental managers around the globe understand their markets and price their portfolio better. My has worked in and around the vacation rental industry for some years. She ran a vacation rentals portal in her native Sweden and previously worked at Kigo, the vacation rental management company.

Away from AirDNA, My has a penchant for DJing and loves getting out of the city.

Tim Parker

Customer Success Agent
[email protected]

Originally hailing from the north of England, Tim decided to trade in the cloudy skies of Manchester - where he studied a Politics degree - for sunny Barcelona, where he is currently one of AirDNA’s customer success agents. Tim will always be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding AirDNA products whether that be on the phone, live chat or via email.

When Tim isn’t working for AirDNA you can find him either watching or playing football, going to concerts or sampling the great food Spain has to offer.

Martha Wilson

Customer Success Agent
[email protected]

Martha has spent the majority of her career in customer-based roles, now working as a customer success agent for AirDNA. Dedicated to helping customers to maximize their potential and optimize their usage of AirDNA tools and data, Martha is more than happy to answer any questions or queries clients have.

Originally from Cardiff, UK, Martha completed a BA History degree before travelling extensively in South East Asia, India and New Zealand. After discovering her love for other cultures, Martha decided to move permanently to Barcelona in 2016.

Marta Martí

Customer Success Agent
[email protected]

As an architect and insatiable traveler, Marta has found in vacation rentals the perfect match between her two passions. After having worked in business development at Airbnb and founded her own vacation rental company, she has a good understanding of the industry. At AirDNA she gives support to vacation rental managers worldwide helping them to optimize their revenue.

Another of Marta’s passions is languages. She lived on four out of five continents before heading back home to Barcelona.

Abigail Long

PR & Marketing Manager
[email protected]

From Cambridge, UK, Abigail studied History with Spanish at University College London before moving to Barcelona in January 2014. After working in research, translation, content writing and communications for a number of startups and the University of Cambridge, she now helps the media and the wider world understand Airbnb through the lens of AirDNA's data.

She is also fluent in Spanish and has traveled extensively in Latin America.

Alba Cabanell

Public Relations Intern
[email protected]

Alba, originally from Barcelona, recently graduated at Universitat Pompeu Fabra with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She has lived in the United States for part of her life and attended the University of Texas at Austin during her third year as a university student.

Alba is passionate about traveling and has been to over 30 countries from around the world. At AirDNA, Alba works alongside Abigail helping with the PR and office management tasks of the company, contributing in increasing the visibility and presence of AirDNA around the world.