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Short-term rentals have boomed into high-growth vehicles for financial investors. Use AirDNA data to pinpoint opportunities, minimize risk, and gain a powerful competitive advantage for research and asset management.

Sell-side Institutions

Be the go-to expert on short-term rentals

AirDNA solutions allow investment banks to keep a finger on the pulse of the global short-term rental industry. By tracking the daily performance of every listing on Airbnb and Vrbo, AirDNA solutions provide precise insights to help power major investment decisions. 

See the growth of vacation rental listings, track bookings, see occupancy rates, average daily rates, total revenue, top-performing markets, and much more.

Buy-Side Hedge Funds

Exclusive insights for a competitive advantage 

AirDNA provides crucial insights to a select number of hedge funds and asset managers. Be the first to spot upcoming trends and make confident investment decisions regarding short-term rentals. 

With both historical trends and future-looking pacing data, it’s easy to compare current performance to previous years’ trends and gauge the outlook for the home-sharing economy. 

Granular data

Slice and dice for next-level analysis

Not all vacation rentals are created equal. Leverage AirDNA to see performance by location type, bedroom count, listing platform, accommodation type, host type (amateur vs. multi-unit), and much more. 

With the added ability to analyze property-level data on the performance of every individual listing on Airbnb and Vrbo, hedge funds and asset managers have full control over how to capitalize on the short-term rental boom. 

Our Solutions

Introducing the Global Trend Report

The Global Trend Report (GTR) is a powerful, high-level analysis that tracks supply, demand, and revenue to measure and forecast the health of the entire short-term rental industry.

Each month the report allows users to see the top-25 cities, compare trends by location type, see country-level stats, and evaluate how current metrics stack up against previous years’ performance. The GTR comes in a turnkey, ready-to-present format and seamlessly merges with existing STAR data to build a complete analysis of the entire lodging ecosystem.

Data Accuracy

The industry's most accurate source of vacation rental data

AirDNA is proud to provide the world's most accurate short-term rental data and analytics solutions. Third-party sources have corroborated our data to be 96.1% accurate in terms of the total level of revenue, and 97% accurate in terms of the quarterly change in nights booked. For more information on our data accuracy, click here.


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Data Accuracy (Nights Booked)


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