Build intelligent vacation rental technology based on industry-leading data

AirDNA provides channel managers and property management software with powerful insights to help deliver exceptional user experiences. 


Become a one-stop-shop for your customers

The vacation rental channel management space is fiercely competitive — it often involves operating on tight margins while trying to carve out additional market share. 

AirDNA solutions make it easier than ever to optimize your business and build unique features within your existing technology stack. 

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Best-in-class Dynamic Pricing

Give your users the ability to maximize revenue with AirDNA’s ‘Smart Rates.’ Powered by the world’s most comprehensive library of short-term rentals, Smart Rates provides spot-on pricing recommendations for any property.

Smart Rates considers everything from real-time demand, seasonality, holidays, day of the week, and booking lead time. 

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Seamlessly integrate for a white-glove service

Partnering with AirDNA to deliver pricing within your offering is efficient and easy. Bring this functionality into your PMS and add stickiness while delivering a key feature of property management — all without the need for your users to sign up with a third-party provider. 

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Why PMS & Channel Managers Use the Smart Rates API


The Rate Recommendation Engine is built on our machine-learning algorithm with a proven 97% accuracy.


Smart Rates is powered by the most innovative technology in the industry.

Holistic Solution

You own 100% of the customer relationship, and there’s no need for your customers to sign up with AirDNA.


Allow customers to prioritize occupancy or ADR for ultimate control.


Display at a glance how each variable is impacting our recommended rate.


White-glove service for a fraction of the cost of other third-party dynamic pricing providers.


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