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Trusted by over 2,000 of the world's top vacation rental managers.

Eliminate all guesswork

The #1 resource for forward-thinking property managers.

Imagine knowing how every single vacation rental property performs. Now imagine how that knowledge could transform your business.

Narrow your research

Filtering like you’ve never seen.

Looking to see how three-bedroom cabins with over 100 reviews perform in a nearby mountain town? Done. Home in on comp sets that match what matters to your business.

Filter by amenities

To be (pet-friendly), or not to be?

Amenities make a world of difference. See how things like pools and jacuzzis influence the revenue of specific properties and use that information to inform property owners. 

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Eliminate all guesswork
Market Explorer
Discover new hotspots

Expand with data

Vacation rental management can be lucrative—as long as you're in suitable locations. Use the dashboard to easily sort markets by those with the highest revenue potential, daily rates, length of stay, listing count, and much more.

 Introducing location types

Not all markets are created equal

Drill down your analysis by location type (mountain, coastal, urban), submarket, neighborhood, and zip code. Trust us—finding new markets is a breeze.

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Discover new hotspots
Market Summary & Charts
See historical trends and insights

Know your market like never before

Knowing how specific properties currently perform is one thing, but what about their trends over time? Quickly discover which properties and markets are seeing the most promising trends. 

Impress homeowners

Your go-to tool for keeping owners happy

Establish trust by showing clients how their properties are performing compared to the market and demonstrating why you make the decisions you do.

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See historical trends and insights
Property Managers & Comps
Keep tabs on the competition

Track the who's who of vacation rental management

See how listings in your portfolio stack up against those managed by the top vacation rental managers. Rank property managers by listing count, occupancy, revenue, reviews, ratings, and more. 

Property-level insights

Get granular in your research

Here's the real secret sauce. No summaries, no averages—just the actual performance of every single listing on Airbnb and Vrbo. See how much revenue they earn and what they charge, and link out to their live listings with photos and descriptions. 

Create projections for prospects

Your new favorite prospecting tool

Walk into meetings armed with accurate data on the potential revenue of any given property. No more guesswork, no more hunches.

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Keep tabs on the competition
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How one Property Manager used AirDNA to increase listing count


Global vacation rentals tracked


All-time AirDNA customers


Accuracy on all estimates

AirDNA provides us with credibility. Instead of guessing what we think the value of the property will be over the course of the year,we can show property owners the figures and explain exactly why we have come to that conclusion

Cindy Diffendiffer, CEO, Orion Haus

Before we started using AirDNA, our methodology was a little more trial and error. Customers had to just trust our judgment based on industry experience — but we couldn’t really back it up with data.AirDNA has been invaluable in plugging that information gap.

Andrea Abela, Portfolio Officer, zzZing Rentals

Investment properties that take our recommendations receive two times the annual gross booking revenue than comparable properties with similar strategies.

Max Schuster, Chief Revenue Officer, Staymarquis

Everyone knows AirDNA…when we tell our owners that we use AirDNA as one of our core data points, there's kind of an inherent understanding that we’re making great decisions.

Dimitri Scuka, Owner, PMI North Broward