Find Lucrative Vacation Rentals

Whether you are a real estate investor diversifying your portfolio, a real estate agent looking to drive repeat business, or an institutional investor scaling globally, AirDNA can help you find your next investment opportunity.

Make Smarter Investments

Find the best places to invest in vacation rentals.

Interested in investing in the most profitable places in the U.S.? Accelerate the growth of your real estate portfolio with top-down insights into the best U.S. short-term rental opportunities using Investment Explorer.

Visualize the short-term vacation rental market and run buy-to-rent and rent-to-rent scenarios using real estate data from Zillow.

Localize Your Rental Search

See where you can make the most money.

Already selected an ideal market for investment? MarketMinder’s market-level analytics such as Market Grade, Seasonality, and Investability (U.S. only) help you target vacation rentals as real estate investments.

The interactive map and bottom-up comp analysis allow you to easily compare the revenue potential and amenities of local vacation rental listings.


What will your property make as a vacation rental?

Compare the performance of potential real estate investment opportunities on Airbnb with Rentalizer.

Rentalizer is the first automated valuation model (AVM) to accurately predict what a property can earn as a vacation rental. Assess revenue potential, ADR, and occupancy of a property based on local vacation rental comps over the last twelve months.


Enhance Your BI with STR Data

Improve your market intelligence and profitability.

Better understand the overall lodging landscape and make property-level investment decisions with AirDNA’s short-term vacation rental data.

Technology startup Homebot and the Australian arm of CoreLogic,, rely on the MarketMinder API to power their applications. Discover the untapped potential of property-level analysis when building BI tools for your investment firm.

Make more money with vacation rental properties.

AirDNA has the data to set you apart, and the insights to keep you ahead.