AirDNA Data Services
Optimize your nightly pricing, discover upcoming demand spikes and find new areas for investment using AirDNA data services
Market Summary Reports
Track market changes using supply and demand trends
Used by lodging analysts, tourism agencies and asset managers to understand the growth of Airbnb, our Market Summary Reports provide a high-level overview of Airbnb rentals in major markets around the world. With RevPAR, ADR, occupancy, and monthly supply & demand trends. This report brings hotel-style performance metrics to the vacation rental industry.
  • 100% coverage of the United States and 150 international markets
  • Historical trends back to August of 2014
  • Reports available for any MSA, city, zip code or neighborhood
MarketMinder Reports
Deep market insights to benchmark your short-term rental performance
With over 10,000 satisfied customers, AirDNA MarketMinder reports are the most trusted source for in-depth analytics of any city, postal code or neighborhood. By providing occupancy rates, annual revenue, seasonality and top-performing properties, Airbnb hosts and investors can benchmark the performance of Airbnb listings in over 25,000 markets worldwide.
  • Provides 12 months of historical market performance
  • 50 top-performing properties with revenue and ADR
  • Insights on over 25,000 unique markets
Property Performance Data
The pure data to uncover your own expert insights
Are you an Excel whiz that isn’t intimidated by thousands of rows of data? Our raw data feed might be just what you are looking for. Our CSV reports provide over 40 data points for every single property along with monthly performance metrics dating back to August 2014.
  • Occupancy, revenue & ADR for every Airbnb rental active in the last year
  • Monthly performance details to analyze pricing & seasonal trends
  • Over 20 property attributes provided to slice and dice the data and uncover your own market insights
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Trusted by industry leaders

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AirDNA assists a range of industries

Hotel Revenue Managers

A leading hotel revenue manager incorporated AirDNA data feeds into their analysis to correctly price their hotels. They used our historical daily booking data to understand how Airbnb impacted previous compression events and our forward demand data to course correct.

Asset Managers

A number of leading asset managers and equity research analysts use AirDNA’s Market Summary Reports to fully understand the size and scale of Airbnb’s impact upon the traditional lodging industry. It is the only trusted source of independent data that allows them to accurately appraise their investment decisions and advice.

Real Estate Investors

Many savvy real estate investors have been eyeing the prospective returns of short-term rental opportunities. Our suite of products can guide single-family or multi-family home investors to target locations and properties with the greatest returns.

Vacation Rental Managers

A number of vacation rental managers use the full suite of AirDNA services to optimize their business. From Property Performance Reports to appraise the value of new properties, to Pricing CoPilot to price their listings, and MarketMinder reports to decide on cities to help with expansion planning.

Destination Marketing Organizations

DMOs are quickly realizing that by not reporting short-term rental activity they are significantly under-reporting the visitors to their area. VisitPhilly, the Discover Los Angeles and Japan National Tourism amongst others are using customized Market Summary Reports to monitor visiting patterns and the potential tax revenue from Airbnb rentals.

Academic Researchers

Academics are abuzz with how the sharing economy is changing society. We have worked with, among others, Princeton University, Penn State University, Claremont-McKenna and the Hospitality School of The Hague to help get to the bottom of how Airbnb is affecting consumer behavior. We are very happy to share full data sets (beyond what is offered above) with academics looking for research that always parlays to a high profile.


Many home buyers are beginning to realize the "Airbnb value" of a home is a crucial component to the value of a property. Whether prospective buyers are looking to list the property or not. Our MarketMinder Reports help you uncover the earnings of comparable properties and quantify what any property can generate as a short-term rental throughout the year.
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