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Evaluate the competition, price your rentals effectively, and analyze local top properties in your market with MarketMinder.

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Compare vacation rentals in your market.

MarketMinder’s interactive map allows you to easily compare your short-term vacation rental listings to comparable local properties across the market. Filter by property type and size, and then drill down into specific neighborhoods for a more localized view into potential daily rates, occupancy and annual revenue.

Dynamically price your listings.

Interactive calendar displays seasonal trends.

Optimize your listing’s pricing and maximize the revenue of your Airbnb rental with average daily rate (ADR) data, predictive supply and demand charts that forecast compression events, and interactive availability calendars that demonstrate seasonal impacts to pricing.

Maximize your revenue.

Analyze the approach of local top properties.

Understand the typical views, ratings, reviews, and amenities of short-term vacation rentals in your local market, and analyze which vacation rental properties are making the most money. Use those comparables to find new real estate investments and optimize your listings.

What will you make on your rental property?

Rentalizer is the first automated valuation model (AVM) to accurately predict what a property can earn as a vacation rental.

Assess revenue potential, ADR, and occupancy of a property based on local Airbnb and HomeAway comps over the last twelve months.

Make the best real estate investment with Rentalizer.

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Compare your listing to other local vacation rental properties.


Access all of the neighborhoods within a city for one low price.

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Access several cities within a
larger metro area or region.

How much money could you make with a short-term rental?

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Use the MarketMinder API to power vacation rental insights in your own application.