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Short-Term Rental Research

Gain valuable insights on the performance of your market and understand exactly how the short-term rental industry is evolving.

Data-Driven Dynamic Pricing

Optimize and automate your vacation rental pricing strategy with Smart Rates, MarketMinder’s built-in dynamic pricing tool. 

Smart Investment Tools

See the investment potential of any address in the world. Compare the best cities side by side, and see top-performing properties.

Benchmarking & Custom Comps

Connect your listings and create a hand-picked comp set to benchmark your performance against your closest competition.

Forward-Looking Vrbo and Airbnb Data

Plan your strategy according to how booking activity in your market is pacing compared to previous years’ trends. 

25+ Must-Have KPIs

Get market data on occupancy, revenue, seasonality, booking lead times, cancellation policies, Airbnb vs Vrbo distribution, and more.


Master your vacation rental market

Access valuable insights and performance metrics to understand exactly how the short-term rental industry is evolving and see forecasts for where it’s headed. 

Use interactive charts and maps to explore the analytics of specific neighborhoods and individual properties in over 120,000 markets worldwide.

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Dynamic pricing

Accurately price your vacation rental

Smart Rates — MarketMinder's built-in dynamic pricing tool — gives hosts a competitive edge with personalized pricing suggestions that maximize listings' revenue and occupancy.

With customizable settings and clear explanations behind each rate suggestion, Smart Rates is the industry’s most powerful, easy-to-use pricing tool. New in 2021, users can now push their rate recommendations automatically to Airbnb, Vrbo,, and others.

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Partner Properties
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Investment Tools

The #1 tool for short-term rental investment research

Enter any address, anywhere in the world, and get accurate projections for how it would perform as a full-time short-term rental. Compare entire markets side by side, and see how much top-performing properties are making in any destination. 

No more friend-of-a-friend advice — MarketMinder provides sound investment data under one reliable roof. Finding the best place to invest has never been this easy.

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Benchmark against your true competition 

Connect your listings to see your property's Booking Performance Score — one simple metric to track the booking health of your short-term rental. It's free, updated weekly, and provides an easy way to compare your performance against a hand-picked set of your competitors.

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Future-looking data for forward-thinking hosts

With MarketMinder’s pacing features, users can discover the exact dates over the next 12 months that are currently getting booked.

Plus, find out the difference between how your neighbors are advertising their prices, and the rate at which they’re actually getting booked. Use these tools to maximize your Airbnb occupancy and give your rental business a leg up on the competition.

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