The Biggest Airbnb Cities in The World

Scott Shatford | September 18, 2015

The United States was estimated to make up over 50% of the total Airbnb listings as little as two years ago.  After tracking the rise of the Airbnb juggernaut in the United States for over a year, AirDNA realized that the most of the growth in Airbnb rentals was coming from outside the USA. We estimate that distribution of listings around the world has changed drastically and now as little as 20% of current Airbnb listings residing within the US.

To show the full Airbnb story, we have added data and analytics for 150 of the top vacation rental cites around the world.  While the success stories in some towns such as Paris, London, and Barcelona are well known, AirDNA has ventured to capture an accurate picture of the Airbnb landscape in over 70 countries where the growth of short-term rentals has been a mystery.

Below are some interesting facts about the Airbnb marketplaces around the world.


What are the Largest Airbnb Cities Outside of the US?

A real finger in the eye to anyone who says the French are not entrepreneurial with Paris comfortably leading the world in Airbnb listings!

68% of all listings in these top 25 cities were for entire homes while 30% were for private rooms and less than 2% for shared rooms. Airbnb is no longer the Couchsurfing alternative. Growth rates for entire homes are far outpacing that of shared spaces.


In Which City Do Airbnb Hosts Make the Most Money?

City Average Daily Rate
London $209
Dubai $192
Cabo San Lucas $184
Zermatt $171
Cannes $159
Venice $157
Sydney $153
Mykonos $152
Cartagena $151
Edinburgh $144
Amsterdam $142

Click on the cities above to view the full city summary.

If you are looking to book an entire home London looks to be the most expensive place on the map.  Some surprising cities that make the list are Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Cartagena, Columbia which has relatively cheap real estate. Hosts there are making a fortune. For canny investors out there, we can help identify the best regions in the world to build incredible returns on the back of the rise of Airbnb.


Where You Can Score an Entire Place on Airbnb for Under $50 a Night

Traveling the world in style has never been cheaper.  Below is a list of cities where the average price an entire home rental averaged under $50 USD a night over the past year.

City Country Average Daily Rate
Salvador Brazil $35
Havana Cuba $36
Sarajevo Bosnia $39
Bucharest Budapest $41
Sochi Russia $42
Porto Alegre Brazil $42
Sofia Bulgaria $42
Kiev Ukraine $44
Antalya Turkey $45
Hanoi Vietnam $46
Odessa Ukraine $47
Warsaw Poland $49
Chiang Mai Thailand $49
Zagreb Croatia $49
Budapest Hungary $50


What Cities Have the Highest Airbnb Demand?

Occupancy rates of Airbnb listings vary widely from location to location. Some neighborhoods have become so inundated with Airbnb listings that is near impossible to see 80%+ occupancy rates throughout the year while other cities are just starting to see a wide adoption of the home sharing platform. AirDNA analyzed the average occupancy rates on entire home listings since the beginning of 2015.

Tokyo leads the way with nearly 70% average occupancy rates for all entire home properties with Osaka coming in at the third spot. Australia also looks like a place that is poised for more growth in the next year with both Melbourne and Sydney placing in the Top 10.

To get the full breakdown of how hosts in your city are getting along, MarketMinder tool, type in your city and take a look at the free data provided on the Overview page. Airbnb is changing the way people travel and AirDNA has all the data on how this is happening around the world.


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