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Custom Comps: Benchmark Airbnb Listings Against Your Competition

October 12, 2020

Here are the major things to note:

- You’ll start off with an auto-generated list of up to 100 potential comps. These are nearby properties that best match your listing’s attributes all within a 50km (31 mile) radius.
- AirDNA will automatically recommend up to 20 comps as the most comparable to your property. Those properties will be pre-selected on the column on the right -- meaning they are currently part of your comp set. They also have a small AirDNA logo on the listing photo to remind you which properties we originally suggested.
- The Comp Set Metrics banner along the top displays the average metrics for your selected comp set. Note that this data is dynamic -- as you check and uncheck properties, the averages will change accordingly.
- Comparison Score is AirDNA’s proprietary metric that provides a quick glance into the comparability of other listings. The higher the score, the more similar it is to your property.

Pro Tip: The larger the comp set, the better the data. While only 5 properties are required to save a comp set, we recommend including at least 20 properties. A large, diversified sample size will help minimize any erratic outliers and provide spot-on analytics.

Things to know

- Custom Comps allows you to analyze listings across multiple markets for the price of one. Do you see a property located outside your subscribed market? No problem.
- Data refreshes daily -- so check back frequently to make tweaks
- Our suggested comps include both professionally-managed and privately-managed properties