AirDNA Gives Inman Connect Attendees the First Look at New ‘Rentalizer’ Features For Vacation Rental Revenue Predictions

October 19, 2021


Denver, October 26, 2021. AirDNA, the leading provider of the most accurate vacation rental data and intelligence, is pleased to announce new features for the Rentalizer solution at Inman Connect.

The Fastest, Most Accurate Profit Forecast for Any Short-Term Rental Property

AirDNA’s Rentalizer is the first Airbnb profit calculator of its kind. Brokers, buyers, and real estate tech providers can now see a detailed projection of any property’s potential return. Attendees at Inman Connect will get the first look at Rentalizer’s new game-changing features. 

Rentalizer draws on an extensive group of comparable properties to create a 12-month forecast for revenue, occupancy, and ADR. It also includes an easy-to-use financial calculator to determine a property’s ultimate capitalization rate.  

“Many buyers and sellers today are making massive real estate decisions without an understanding of the property’s equity as a short-term rental,” said AirDNA CEO, Scott Shatford, “The new Rentalizer features remove this blind spot and provide reliable figures for homebuyers and agents so they can make smarter investment decisions.”  

Access Key Trends at a Glance: Two Major New Features

The new Rentalizer Annual Revenue chart shows users year-over-year and month-over-month revenue growth for the past 36 months on comparable properties, so real estate investors can see the likelihood a property is increasing or decreasing in demand.  

Another new addition is the Seasonal Revenue Forecast, showing a growth projection for the next 12 months, indicating low and high seasons. This chart provides a confidence rating on a property’s potential based on multiple demand scenarios. This level of detail in forecasting gives investors a competitive edge and helps set them up as professionals from the very beginning. 

Providing Much-Needed Value for Real Estate Tech Providers

Rentalizer also represents an opportunity for brokerages, property portals, CRMs, crowdsourced investors, and agent marketing platforms to incorporate essential short-term rental intelligence into their client offerings. API connections and integrations are available to businesses who want to take their underwriting to the next level and bring clients into this booming market.

“Considering a home’s earning potential as a short-term rental has become standard protocol for today’s buyers and sellers. Rentalizer empowers anyone to easily understand their local rental market and make smart, data-driven decisions.” Said AirDNA Head of Data Solutions, Alex Gomez. 


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