Missouri Vacation Rentals Show Revenue Opportunities

Mark Saldana | November 14, 2019

If you’re a property manager or short-term rental host in Missouri, chances are you’ve become a whole lot busier over the last few years. Since 2017, whole-home Missouri vacation rentals have increased by 66 percent, and tourism to the state is set to top more than 45 million visitors by 2020.

During the same time period, the average yearly revenue for whole-home rentals has jumped by more than 200%.

Missouri as a whole seems to be a short-term rental success story, with state regulators reaching a tax agreement last year with Airbnb that allows the state to collect taxes  short-term rental revenue. In 2018 alone, Airbnb generated more than $48 million dollars in revenue for hosts. With its mix of urban, rural, and resort markets, Missouri is a destination that appeals to many different types of travelers.

Finding the Best Markets in Missouri

To see where the biggest opportunities in thee state exist for hosts, property managers, and real estate investors, we decided to look at both the top 10 fastest-growing markets and the top 10 markets by revenue.

For both of these lists, we only looked at active, whole-home rentals. Revenue numbers and percent change is based on the last twelve months of data available.

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Short-Term Rental Markets

MarketAverage Yearly RevenueView in MarketMinder
Hollister$27,990.06Analyze Market
Sunrise Beach$24,574.08Analyze Market
Hermann$23,744.04Analyze Market
Wright City$22,410.54Analyze Market
Reeds Spring$20,303.47Analyze Market
Ridgedale$18,895.65Analyze Market
Gravois Mills$17,642.50Analyze Market
Camdenton$17,427.91Analyze Market
Branson$17,059.68Analyze Market
Lake Ozark$16,485.63Analyze Market

Top 10 High Revenue Short-Term Rental Markets

MarketYearly Listing GrowthView in MarketMinder
Ridgedale106%Analyze Market
Springfield46.28%Analyze Market
Branson40.30%Analyze Market
Camdenton30.66%Analyze Market
Lake Ozark28.33%Analyze Market
Osage Beach27.82%Analyze Market
Saint Louis26.64%Analyze Market
Columbia25.00%Analyze Market
Reeds Spring21.53%Analyze Market
Hollister20.66%Analyze Market

What the Top-Performing Missouri Vacation Rentals Have in Common

While some travelers come from international destinations to visit the Show-Me State, the vast majority of guests booking Missouri Vacation Rentals are from nearby cities—both in and out of state.

Saint Louis and Kansas City are some of the top guest origin cities for each of the top 10 highest-revenue markets in Missouri. Other domestic cities such as Chicago, Illinois and Columbus, Missouri, are also popular guest origin cities for travelers to Missouri.

It’s likely that many of these travelers are families looking for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life. To appeal to these travelers, highlight the family-friendly features of your properties such as game rooms, ample parking, and swimming pools. Additionally, many of the top-performing properties are near or on the water and emphasize this in both their listing title and photos.

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