The Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in the US

Dillon DuBois | November 11, 2020

Today’s short-term rental market doesn’t exactly lend itself to the casual Airbnb host. There’s increased competition, more rental channels, higher guest expectations, new cleanliness standards, and unprecedented booking behaviors. All of this has amounted to a huge wave of professionalization and a growing desire to leverage the power of an Airbnb property management company.

If you’ve decided to outsource some of the responsibilities involved in managing a vacation rental, the next step is choosing an Airbnb property management company. This is by far one of the most impactful decisions you’ll make as a short-term rental host.

In this AirDNA resource, we’ll go through all aspects involved in finding the perfect Airbnb property manager for your listings. Feel free to use the map above alongside the tips and state-by-state rankings below.  (If you’d rather cut costs and go it your own, jump to the DIY approach below.)

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The Best Airbnb Property Management Companies: What do they do?

Before diving into how to choose a property manager for your vacation rental, let’s establish what exactly an Airbnb property manager typically does. Here are some of the most common services provided by a property manager:


  • Marketing your property: Ideally, your property manager helps boost your listing’s exposure. Services here can include listing your property on multiple sites, taking professional photography, and managing its descriptions.
  • Optimized pricing: Many property managers manage your listing’s dynamic pricing strategy. They’ll be well-equipped with data-driven resources (often from AirDNA!) to determine how to price your property competitively.
  • Guest communication: Communicating with guests is a major reason hosts decide to outsource to a property manager. Many Airbnb management companies will take responsibility for communicating with guests from the moment they make a reservation to their post-stay review.
  • Maintenance, repairs, and cleaning: Keeping your property clean and functioning is a must-do for managers. When something breaks or needs immediate assistance, they’ll be responsible for finding a solution.
  • Payments and Financial Reporting: When you receive reservations from multiple platforms, managing payments can be a hassle. Plus it’s tough to get a clear snapshot of your rental’s performance. For this reason, many property managers will own your payment processing and offer reports on the performance of your rental.
  • Local expertise: If you opt for a boots-on-the-ground property manager, they’ll offer tons of knowledge for guests about the local area. They’ll also be more attuned to things like seasonality and peak booking times.

How to Choose a Property Manager for your Vacation Rental: 2 Main Categories

The first thing to know when choosing a management company is that not all property managers are created equal. Each provides its own unique set of services along with fees and commission structures. There are two main categories of vacation rental management companies: Full-service property managers, and tech+distribution managers.

Full-service property managers

If you want to truly “set it and forget it” when it comes to your vacation rental while maximizing your reach, you’ll need a full-service property manager. These property managers will take care of everything involved with your rental – from cleaning to marketing and maintenance – to ensure that your place gets booked without you having to lift a finger.

National property managers aren’t confined to a specific location and have properties distributed throughout a region or country. Some of them also focus on specific types of homes, such as luxury rentals or beach houses.

While many have great channel management strategies across Airbnb, Vrbo, and, due to the volume of properties that these companies manage, they also have robust direct booking platforms and dedicated revenue managers to drive as much booking revenue as possible

Servicing properties in 17 US states and Europe, Central and South America. Vacasa maximizes revenue for homeowners and provides a seamless experience for guests. Founded in 2009 and based in Portland, Oregon, it was ranked 9th on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies list.
TurnKey Vacation Rentals manages more than 6,000 properties in 80+ top U.S. destinations. Their custom technology, expert local and national teams, and industry-low commission rates mean more revenue for their homeowners, better care for homes, and a consistent, high-quality experience for guests in every home, every stay, every time.
Property management focused on large homes with amenities and features for group travel and company retreats.

Tech+Distribution Managers

The second category of vacation rental management companies includes those that offer flexible contracts and help primarily in the distribution, marketing, and communication components of your rental. They’ll help get your property booked by listing it on multiple sites and provide 24/7 customer service for your guests. As virtual managers, their fees are lower than the local managers listed below, but you’ll be in charge of handling cleaning, maintenance, and anything on-site.

The largest branded collection of vacation properties in the world offering hotel-like reservation and support services. Visit site here.
Evolve requires no long-term commitment, has no limit on personal stays, and has one of the lowest fees in the industry at 10% per booking.

Airbnb Property Management Fee Structures

There are three main fee structures available when hiring a property management company.


  1. Commission: Structure where the property manager earns a certain percentage of your Airbnb revenue. The benefit here is that if bookings are slow and revenue is down, so are your fees. However, during peak seasonality, you’re likely to pay more.
  2. Flat rate: Structure where hosts pay a stable monthly fee independent of bookings and revenue. This structure makes sense if you’re confident that revenue will be consistent.
  3. Guaranteed income (or Master Lease): While not the most common, some property managers will lease your property from you, offering dependable income each month regardless of rental performance.

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies by State

Listed below are the tried-and-true vacation rental managers who operate locally. They typically have years of experience in property management and differentiate themselves and their business by being experts in their local, geographic markets. Some cover just a small geographic area, while others can cover multiple regions within the US.

These property managers capitalize on the increased distribution from listing channels like  Airbnb and Vrbo while still retaining capital and delivering a branded experience through direct bookings. Many also provide end-to-end service for your rental and take care of marketing, maintenance, cleaning, channel management, and everything else needed to run your short-term rental successfully. Fees here are on the higher end and can be anywhere from 20%-40% of revenue.

Best Airbnb Property Managers in Alabama


Propety ManagerDescriptionRating Properties ADR Occupancy
Luxury Coastal VacationsLocated along the coast of Florida and Alabama, Luxury Coastal offers the best selection of rentals in Perdido Key, Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores. As the name suggests, rentals are high-end and equipped with all amenities4.8174$46842.8%
iTripiTrip is major vacation rental property management company that operates properties in over 60 destinations across North America. Each accommodation is managed by local team that receives corporate support for technology, software, content, marketing, social media, and more.4.69178$42950.7%
VR ClubVR Club online is dedicated to providing vacation rental management services to owners of rental properties along the Gulf Coast.4.6164$26245.5%
EvolveEvolve is one of the United State's leading tech property managers. They'll market your property, book up your calendar, and provide guests with 24/7 support. On-the-ground operations like maintenance and cleaning will be left up to you.4.58152$26455.7%
My Beach GetawaysFor beach houses in and around Orange Beach, My Beach Getaways is an excellent option for a property management solution. They’re experts on the local area and utilize modern technology like smart locks.4.674$26646.40%

Best Airbnb Property Managers in Arizona


Propety ManagerDescriptionRating Properties ADR Occupancy
Vacay AZA vacation rental and management company located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
They take a seamless, friendly, professional approach to vacation rental
management and service tons of homes in the Arizona area.
Bella PalazzoFor over two decades, Bella Palazzo has managed some of the finest private
vacation rental homes in Arizona, California, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands.
Superhost status with over 500 reviews.
KD Prime PropertiesWith dozens of properties scattered throughout Arizona, KD Prime is a go-to
option for hosts looking to outsource their property management

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in California


Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Stay Awhile VillasStay Awhile Villas staffs and maintains the finest collection of luxury vacation rentals from Beverly Hills to Malibu. All villas offer concierge services such as private transportation, private chefs, and health+fitness experts.4.9735$1,57758.2%%
Vacations SimplifiedVacations Simplified takes a timeshare approach to rentals in California. They've been around for over 20 years and consistently earn flawless reviews.4.9625$23959.0%
Coast Estate Real Estate Property Management, IncLocated on the Monterrey peninsula on the California coast, this manager specializes in operating luxury rentals, long-term rentals, and house watch programs.4.9629$56365.1%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Colorado


Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Beaver Creek Mountain LodgingHosting the largest collection of short-term rentals in Beaver Creek, this property manager is the go-to option for those eyeing the Beaver Creek ski areas of Colorado.4.91105$69041.8%
Steamboat Lodging CompanyFull service vacation rental managment company who handle the marketing, guest bookings, and everything in-between.4.933$1,31448.6%
iTrip Aspen/SnowmassiTrip is major vacation rental property management company that operates properties in over 60 destinations across North America. Each accommodation is managed by local team that receives corporate support for technology, software, content, marketing, social media, and more.4.8950$72151.8%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Florida

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Vacations SimplifiedVacations Simplified takes a timeshare approach to rentals in California. They've been around for over 20 years and consistently earn flawless reviews.4.8824$26263.9%
CND Hospitality LLCMagic Village -- which is owned and operated by CND Hopitality -- is a major player in the rental management space around Orlando.4.8746$39319.5%
Coastal Blue Vacation RentalsCoastal Blue is a relatively small vacation rental company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. They operate out of Santa Rosa Beach and manage properties in the near viscinity4.8543$30244.2%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Georgia

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Atlanta Luxury RentalsHigh-end property management company focusing on new or recently-renovated properties around the Atlanta metro area.4.9159$38743.2%
My Mountain Cabin RentalsJust a couple hours north of Atlanta, My Mountain Cabin Rentals operates a set of rustic retreats nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.4.8950$23167.3%
Georgia Vacation RentalsAlso nestled in the mountains of Northern Georgia is a property manager called Georgia Vacation Rentals. They specialize in cabin rentals and are a full-service manager.4.8728$17669.3%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Hawaii

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Ridge Realty RentalsRidge Realty Rentals is a family-owned brokerage and rental manager operating throughout West Maui.4.9130$38854.1%
Maui Resort RentalsAs the fastest-growing vacation rental manager in Maui, this property manager has been in operation for over 50 years.4.9100$73768.3%
Na Pali PropertiesNa Pali is the go-to property manager for rentals located along the famous North Shore of Oahu. Family-owned and operated since 1982.4.8722$37954.9%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Massachusetts

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Del Mar Vacation RentalsFull-service property manager offering guaranteed income to owners with rentals around the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts4.73216$37247.4%
Sand Dollar RealtyAlso located in Cape Cod, Sand Dollar realty specializes in renting and selling beachfront properties.4.7170$24679.0%
Swank PropertiesFor urban vacation rentals located in Boston, Swank Properties is an excellent go-to option.4.627$14054.6%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in New York

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Linger HospitalityLinger operates around the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. It's lineup of properties includes lakeside rentals, rural homes, and urban properties.4.8140$42861.9%
TentrrWhile not exclusively in New York, Tentrr offers a unique opportunity for landowners to rent out their land to guests seeking campsites.4.65138$14843.6%
ResortShareResortShare is a technology PM that allows owners to rent out their properties via a timeshare program. Also not exclusively in New York but manages many properties in the state.4.6115$41932.5%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in North Carolina

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Residential Property Management & Sales LLCLog cabins, rustic retreats, luxury rentals -- this property manager in North Carolina's Brevard has it all.4.8148$26955.9%
Yonder -- Luxury Vacation RentalsFor drive-to, off-the-beaten-path travel destinations throughout North Carolina, Yonder is an excellent choice.4.81144$44048.4%
Blowing Rock PropertiesLocated in the small village of Blowing Rock, this property manager has been in operation since 19914.7833$28365.5%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Oregon

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Shore Thing Vacation RentalsFor those with vacation rentals along the beautiful Oregon Coast, Shore Thing offers full-service property management services.4.9130$20658.9%
Bluebird Day Vacation RentalsOregon's town of Bend is becoming a major destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and Bluebird Day is the premier manager in the area with an impressive portfolio.4.942$24069.2%
Whales Watch Vacation RentalsLocated in Florence, Oregon, Whales Watch is a small family-owned manager specializing in comfortable, privately-owned vacation rentals.4.932$24856.2%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in South Carolina

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Beach House BoutiqueHilton Head Island is one of the major vacation rental destinations in the world. Beach House offers concierge services, cleaning services, and marketing for tons of rentals in the area.4.8935$80341.1%
Folly Time Beach RentalsAround Folly Beach and the greater Charleston area, Folly Time Beach Rentals is your go-to local full-service property manager.4.8433$31773.5%
Luxury Simplified RetreatsAnother great option around Charleson is Luxury Simplified Retreats. As the name suggests, they help manage a suite of luxury rentals with high-end amenities.4.8241$84137.3%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Tennessee

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Beckon HomesBeckon is a full-service Airbnb, short-term, corporate, and vacation rental management company headquartered in Nashville, TN.4.9554$44640.0%
TrueAvenueTrueAvenue is a Nashville-based property management team that balances a premier guest experience with an investor's revenue potential for each month.4.8742$18653.8%
Bear Tracts Vacation CabinsOwn a rental in the booming area of Gatlinburg? Consider Bear Tracts -- a local family-owned manager that specializes in rustic retreats.4.8627$39562.8%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Texas

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Birdy Properties / Vacation RentalsBirdy vacation rentals operates out of the San Antonio area of Texas and has everything from urban to suburban and rural stays.4.8833$32139.6%
Soar Vacation Rental ServicesFor those with rentals along the beach regions in Galveston, we're big fans of Soar. They're local, full-service, and have very manageable fees.4.8836$25635.0%
Gästehaus Schmidt Lodging ServiceGästehaus Schmidt offers reservation services for Texas Hill Country lodging, bed and breakfasts, and country inns. Choose from a variety of lodging options in several local towns, including Fredericksburg, Comfort, Kerrville, and Hunt, TX.4.86163$25731.70%

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies in Utah

Propety ManagerDescriptionRatingPropertiesADROccupancy
Stewart Mountain LodgingLuxury vacation rentals, cabins, cottages, and homes in Sundance, Utah4.9827$75027.0%
Freedom Vacation RentalsFreedom Vacation Rentals is a short-term/vacation/nightly rental management company offering customized management plans that meet any owners involvement and budget while providing top-level guest satisfaction.4.9428$19730.5%
Ledges Vacation RentalsSingle-family and luxury villas located in the southern Utah hotspot of St. George. Close to outdoor activities, golf courses, and more.4.8987$18660.60%

If You Want to Do It (Mostly) Yourself:

The Most Affordable Option

The bulk of what property managers offer revolves around getting your place booked at an optimized rate — exactly what MarketMinder helps self-starters do every day.

Upload your properties and subscribe to MarketMinder for access to tons of actionable data that will get your properties booked at an optimal rate. Deciding whether to list your property on Airbnb, Vrbo, or both? MarketMinder has the stats to let you make an informed decision. Want to see real-time supply and demand or the top properties in your area? We have you covered.

Part-Time Property Managers and Consultants

There are lots of options today for property owners who want part-time help to help ease the load of running a short-term rental. You can easily find local short-term rental consultants or part-time property managers in short-term rental focused Facebook groups or online forums. A few that we like to follow are Airbnb profit club and Airhosts Forum.

Airbnb Co-Hosting

Another option is the co-host feature on Airbnb, where you can select a dedicated co-host for your listings. This person can be a neighbor, friend, relative, or someone else nearby that can take on much or as little responsibility as you like. Some co-hosts only handle guest communication and check-in, while others take on additional responsibilities such as cleaning and maintenance.

Whatever type of property management service you decide to use for your short-term rental, keep this page bookmarked in for updates on the companies above.

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