The Best Airbnb Property Management Services

Scott Shatford | June 26, 2015

New management companies are emerging to assist the more than 1,000,000 new Airbnb hosts looking to improve the performance of their short-term rentals. Traditional vacation property managers have struggled to keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry. Property managers once supported their high cost, often 30%-50% of total revenue, by flouting their marketing capabilities. But the rise of sites such as Airbnb have created a one-stop shopping platform that streamlines the entire search and booking process. Filling in the gaps in service that Airbnb has not addressed, new specialized Airbnb property management companies have emerged to help hosts successful outsource all or small portions of the day to day operations.

As Airbnb matures, so have its hosts, many of whom have seen 100+ guests come and go. These full-time hosts are continually looking for ways to improve their guest experience while at the same time preserving their sanity. The drudgery of making beds and responding to the same “is your place available?” email for the thousandth time can drive anyone mad. At some point, Airbnb hosts can feel a bit burnt out and have a reality check moment, “Is this something I’m able to manage full-time, oversee part-time, or do I need to completely outsource it?”


When to Outsource Your Airbnb Property Management

The decision to outsource your vacation rental property management is driven by the desire for more freedom.  But, with more freedom comes less control.  Will a professional firm be able to maintain the same meticulous level maintenance and quality?

Every host understands that it only takes one miserable review to sink their fledgling Airbnb enterprise.  The control freak in us can make us hold onto managing the day to day operation of vacation rental long after the excitement of hosting fellow travelers subsides. Although the majority of Airbnb hosts have never worked in hospitality, they know what good service looks like.  Trusting that a third party service provider won’t drop the ball on their 5-star reputation isn’t easy.

There is no doubt that the service quality expectations of Airbnb guests are on the rise too. The days of supplying a blowup mattress and a bowl of Cheerios and calling that hospitality is long gone. Most guests are now expecting a pleasant smile to meet them at the door, impeccably clean bathrooms, pressed linens, and something fresh to nibble on in the fridge. Achieving a consistent level of service around the year can be a difficult task for even the most dedicated host.

New tech-enabled property managers have arrived to help Airbnb hosts.

Full-Service Vacation Rental Property Managers

Property management companies have had to evolve quickly over the past few years to keep up with the pace of change. It is no longer acceptable to simply place an ad on HomeAway, create a simple website and man the phones. Here is a list of the top Airbnb property management companies we have encountered over the past few years.


North American Property Managers

evolve vacation rentals With over 300,000 nights booked and a super low fee of 10%, Evolve is a dominant force in North America.
Servicing properties in 17 US states and Europe, Central and South America. Vacasa maximizes revenue for homeowners and provides a seamless experience for guests. Founded in 2009 and based in Portland, Oregon, it was ranked 9th on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies list.
TurnKey Vacation Rentals works with more than 2,000 properties in over 35 of the nation’s most desirable locations. We use industry-leading technology and well-trained local teams to maintain your home and protect it from damage, provide a high-quality guest experience, and generate more rental income at an industry-low commission rate of 18%.
senstay vacation rentals SenStay is a next generation vacation rental management company. Maximizing profitability and offering consulting services to clients who are looking to identify additional investment properties, SenStay has rentals in Denver, The Hamptons, Palm Springs, Malibu, Scottsdale, and others.
sonder airbnb investing Owns and operates as well as manages properties in Canada and the US.  Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Miami, LA, San Diego, Chicago & Boston.
Oasis offers marketing & reservation services alongside property management in 5 core countries: Brazil, Spain, USA, Columbia, Italy.
MyVRHost charges 10%-20% and covers several states over the US including SF, LA, Tahoe, NY & Nashville.
pillow homes short term rentals Pillow supports most markets in California for a 15% management fee.
stay alfred airbnb management Stay Alfred manages mostly multifamily buildings in 12 major US markets.
Using proprietary technology, Effortless Rental Group maximizes return on investment using analytical data. Effortless Rental is not your typical “lock box on the front door” rental company. Instead, their team meets guests at the property upon check-in and are available 24/7. Effortlessly operates in Denver, Vail, Breckenridge, Lake Tahoe, Boston and other markets.


European Property Managers

hostmaker vacation rentals Airbnb hosting by the hotel experts. Hostmaker will manage and market your property across five platforms from 12% + VAT. They have 80+ 5-star reviews on Trust Pilot with 1000+ hosts across London, Barcelona, Paris & Rome.
guest ready short term management Global management company committed to ‘hassle-free hosting’ active in London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur. For a 12% fee, GuestReady will take care of customer service, housekeeping, laundry, key management and more.
bnb manager The largest short-term rental manager in Amsterdam, managing 1000+ rentals in the Netherlands’ capital and in the Caribbean. BnbManager focuses on sustainable clientele, maximizing RevPAR, excellent service and property management over 50 channels.
Halldis manages 1600+ apartments and villas in the tourist hotspots and most popular locations over Italy, Paris, and Brussels.
hostnfly short term rental managers HostnFly has 400+ properties under management in Paris alone, guaranteeing revenue to homeowners.



Asian Property Managers

mister suite japan property management Mister Suite offers full operational and cleaning support to real estate companies and homeowners over Japan. They offer multi-channel management thanks to direct integration channel managers, consultations on other parts of Asia.
metro engines japan Offers a variety of tech and services to hosts in Tokyo and Kyoto.


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