Apartment or A-Frame? Why Unique Airbnbs Outperform the Rest

Brad Jamison | August 22, 2021

It’s inaccurate to continue referring to short-term rentals as “alternative accommodation.” STRs are here to stay — and the numbers prove it. Airbnb guests shattered records in early August 2021, with more than 4 million staying in Airbnbs across the globe. And an increasing number of them are staying in some of the most unique Airbnb vacation rentals available. 

Long gone are the days of most guests staying in contemporary homes. While that’s still very much the case for a lot of guests, hosts and guests alike have sought unique stays (yurts, tiny homes, farm stays, treehouses, etc), leading them to some of the coolest Airbnbs around. Now, the data shows just how popular unique Airbnbs have become, how diverse they are, and how much money is being made off these one-of-a-kind properties. 


Unique Airbnb Stays Have Grown Significantly

Even before the pandemic, guests craved more space and more unique Airbnb stays. As travelers ventured further from home into relative remoteness, diverse accommodations sprang up to meet their needs. But it was just far-flung destinations that saw steady increase in unique rental properties; tiny homes, yurts, and treehouses can be found in the busiest cities. 

Throughout the majority of the pandemic, unique rentals were the only accommodation types to see positive growth in active listings. 

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Unique Stays Growth on Airbnb

But social distancing and remote work only accelerated a trend that’s been growing the past five years. Since 2016, there’s been a massive increase in a variety of unique stays. 


Active Listings Unique Stays Growth

When it Comes to Unique Stays, Airbnb Guests Have More Options than Ever 

Hosts are well aware of the flexibility the STR giant provides in terms of offering the most unique Airbnb “homes.” That’s why it’s unsurpristing that both veteran and new hosts alike are offering more unique stays. In 2021, there are more active listings for unique stays than at any other point in Airbnb’s history. 

Unique Stays

That’s great news for travelers’ pent-up travel demand. With fewer people traveling in 2020, guests are looking to make up for lost vacations, and unique Airbnb stays are the perfect way to satiate that need for a unique experience millions are craving. And the data shows just how much demand there is for these stand-out stays.

Demand for Unique Stays

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