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Short-term rental data for market analysis and business intelligence.

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Property-Level Data

Property Performance Data

Export listing-level data to power your own analytics

Get the source data that powers AirDNA’s suite of products and services. Download the location, amenities, attributes, and rental performance of every vacation rental property in the market.

Discover the top performing short-term rentals based on occupancy, average daily rate and revenue to identify new investment opportunities and competitive threats.

Receive up to 6 years of historical performance data to better understand market trends across different cities, neighborhoods, postal codes and property types.

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Forward Pricing Feed

Real-time reservation and rate data to develop your own pricing strategies

Analyze the future published and booked rates for each short-term rental. Curate comp sets to spot future spikes in demand, analyze booking pick-up, and understand competitive rate adjustments to build your own revenue management solution.

Understand what properties are actually booked vs. blocked each day to more accurately predict local travel demand.

Stop relying on historical trends or third party vendors and start building your own tools to price optimally each day.

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Market-Level Data

Global Trend Report

Comprehensive global analysis of the home-sharing market on Airbnb and Vrbo

The Global Trend Report (GTR) is a powerful, high-level analysis that tracks supply, demand, and revenue to measure and forecast the health of the entire short-term rental industry. Each month the report allows users to see the top-25 cities, compare trends by location type, see country-level stats, and evaluate how current metrics stack up against previous years’ performance. The GTR comes in a turnkey, ready-to-present format and seamlessly merges with existing STAR data to build a complete analysis of the entire lodging ecosystem. 

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Global Trend Report - AirDNA

Trend Report

Home-share reporting designed for the tourism professional

Ready to present short-term rental trends consolidated across Airbnb and Vrbo. Drill into submarkets and compare your destination to competitive locations.

Merge with existing STAR data to build a comprehensive analysis of the total revenue being generated in the lodging ecosystem.

Trusted by over 300 destination marketing organizations around the world to create executive dashboards and presentations on the fastest growing segment in lodging today.

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Pacing Report

Market-wide metrics showing the outlook for vacation rentals

How is rental supply and demand tracking from the same point-in-time last year? Our weekly pacing report takes the guesswork out of forecasting the recovery by providing a six-month market level outlook on key metrics such as nights booked, ADR, RevPar, and Revenue.

This weekly report delivered straight to your inbox allows lodging analysts to get an accurate pulse on booking pick-up, demand drivers, and future revenue levels.

With the report’s year-on-year component, it’s easy to conduct a simple point-in-time analysis to find out how this year compares to last year, and determine whether or not your strategies should change accordingly.

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Best Places to Invest in Airbnb Report

The Best Places to Invest Report

Easily identify the most lucrative markets for vacation rental investment

Finding the most profitable markets for short-term rentals shouldn’t be difficult. The BPTI report provides users a clean, concise list of the top investment markets anywhere in the world. Powered by AirDNA data for each market’s revenue potential and average home value, this report condenses hours of research into one downloadable file.  

The BPTI report includes over 20 sortable metrics for each market including number of listings, occupancy rate, seasonality score, rental demand, percentage of multi-unit hosts, and more.

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