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Short-term rental data for market analysis and business intelligence.

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Property Performance Data

Download our listing-level data to power your own IP.

Access the granular Airbnb and Vrbo data that powers AirDNA’s suite of products. Dig deeper into historical trends, and merge short-term rental performance information into other data sets to identify impacts and opportunities. Uncover your own insights on how short-term rentals are changing the way people travel.

Dynamic Pricing Solutions

Real-time, forward-looking supply and demand.

Our forward data feeds provide all of the fundamental data points to build your own custom revenue management solution. See exactly how many vacation rental properties are available in your market each day and how they are priced.

Spot demand drivers up to one year into the future to fine tune your rates and maximize booking values.

Future Pacing Trend Reports

Market-Wide Metrics Showing the Outlook for Vacation Rentals.

Our pacing report is a powerful forecasting tool that can be leveraged to monitor future demand, revenue, and changes in the overall supply of vacation rentals. Delivered on either a monthly or weekly basis, these reports help users prepare for the road ahead.

With the report’s year-on-year component, it’s easy to conduct a simple point-in-time analysis to find out how this year compares to last year, and determine whether or not your strategies should change accordingly. Use the pacing reports to spot the impact of an upcoming event, find out how STR-based tourism will impact local economies, predict potential tax revenue, and much more.

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Travel Origin Reports

Where are your guests coming from?

With data on over 200 million Airbnb stays, our guest origins reports provides unprecedented insights into what cities people are traveling from and exactly what properties they are staying in.  Used by destinations to better measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and sophisticated property managers looking to better allocate online advertising spend, the travel origin data helps you better understand the people behind private accommodations.

Trend Reports

Excel-based reports for lodging and tourism professionals.

AirDNA offers robust off-the-shelf analytics for tourism professionals. View comprehensive trends on short-term rental activity across both Airbnb and Vrbo. Better understand the total revenue that short-term rentals are driving into your market and how special events are impacting your total lodging supply.

Analyze all of the core STR metrics in one simple report.

Want to Dive Even Deeper into the Data?

We offer property valuation, market data, and listing data to power your BI.