Custom Vacation Rental Reports

Optimize your vacation rentals and gain unprecedented business intelligence with market-level trend reports, property performance data, and forward data feeds for Airbnb and HomeAway.

Analyze Property Performance

Dive deeper with listing-level detail.

AirDNA offers daily and monthly Property Performance Reports for Airbnb and HomeAway listings in your target market. Compare your properties to the competition and identify new customers to target. Use the data as a reference, or build it into a larger business intelligence (BI) and pricing engine that layers on top of your PMS.

Layer on host data to understand the distribution of short-term rental properties by host.

Identify Pricing Opportunities

Forecast revenue potential in any market worldwide.

AirDNA’s Forward Data Feeds use Airbnb and HomeAway data to identify upcoming seasonal shifts and compression events that will impact supply and demand for short-term vacation rentals. Use our forward modeling to develop a dynamic pricing strategy, create BI tools, and identify emerging markets for investment.

Uncover Market Insights

Merge hotel and vacation rental data.

Better understand Airbnb and HomeAway market growth by layering short-term rental data on top of your existing hospitality and transportation data with Trend Reports.

Analyze the number of active vacation rentals, gauge growth in revenue and occupancy, and dive into daily performance trends on Airbnb and HomeAway in any vacation rental market around the world.

Know Your Travelers

Understand how traveler reviews impact booking behavior.

AirDNA’s Traveler Origin Reports provide an overview of short-term rental guests in the market based on recent reviews. Optimize your vacation rental listings based on traveler reviews to drive additional bookings.

Empower your innovation in vacation rentals.

AirDNA has the data to set you apart, and the insights to keep you ahead.