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Give your DMO access to the complete picture of tourism with industry-leading short-term rental data.

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It’s time to take the guesswork out of tourism.

With short-term rentals growing by 300%+ over the last 5 years, it’s become increasingly difficult for DMOs to measure and manage tourism. AirDNA provides solutions that empower your organization to accurately track the entire lodging landscape and make smart, data-driven decisions.


How We Help

Measure the true effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Supply and Demand
Easily monitor vacation rental supply and demand

Economic Impact
Gauge the economic impact of short-term rentals

See granular activity by neighborhood, day of the week, and seasonality

Tax Revenue
Uncover blind spots on tax revenue

Voice of Authority
Become the true voice of authority on tourism in your market


Vacation Rental Data Solutions for DMOs

AirDNA provides a suite of solutions that help DMOs capture the complete picture of any given tourism market. 


Sample Report

DMO Smart Solution

Historical short-term rental trends, future-looking booking data, traveler origin data, and side-by-side market comparison.

Our Smart Solution gives DMOs, CVBs, and tourism organizations a reliable understanding of their local tourism market. Ideal for organizations operating in small to medium-sized markets, the smart solution is a plug-and-play resource that will give your team a comprehensive understanding of vacation rental tourism.


Sample Report

DMO Premium Solution

Includes everything in the Smart Solution with additional resources for granular weekly analysis and additional comparable markets.

The Premium DMO Solution is the gold standard for analyzing short-term rentals' impacts on local destinations. Leverage the Premium Solution to give your DMO a comprehensive understanding of tourism. Ideal for organizations in larger tourism markets.


Solutions powered by the world’s most comprehensive library of vacation rental data.


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Challenges before AirDNA

Experience Kissimmee is a Destination Marketing Organization based out of Orlando, Florida where short-term rentals account for roughly 50% of the total lodging inventory. Prior to tracking short-term rentals, Experience Kissimmee was missing out on crucial information needed for internal reporting, marketing efforts, and tax collection.


How we helped

AirDNA helped Experience Kissimmee by providing detailed figures on nightly rates, occupancy, booking lead times, and guess arrival data. By using the Trend Report


What changed

Now, Experience Kissimmee is creating effectively-targeted ad campaigns at the right times, to the right audience. They’re also able to look back to see how many days in advance visitors are booking accommodations, and where they’re coming from. Having this information at their fingertips has helped move the needle from Orlando to Kissimmee.


Challenges before AirDNA

VisitBerlin is a 200-person strong Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) responsible for promoting tourism to Berlin, Europe’s third most popular travel destination. To drive tourism dollars into Berlin, visitBerlin was looking to understand their local tourism landscape, discern the impact of leisure tourism on the city, as well as the effect of local policies on consumer behavior.

While visitBerlin had a robust understanding of lodging at hotels and hostels, they were missing a critical component of the overall tourism landscape: private accommodations on Airbnb and Vrbo.


How We Helped

AirDNA’s short-term vacation rental data gives visitBerlin a more comprehensive, third-party understanding of the visitors that come to Berlin, including who they are and where they stay, and the overall lodging marketplace.


What Changed

visitBerlin now makes smarter tourism decisions based on AirDNA Data.

  • visitBerlin can now see true lodging capacity including how many guests arrived, how full the city is, and what capacity looks like on a monthly basis.
  • AirDNA helps visitBerlin respond to media and press inquiries regarding the impact of regulation.
  • visitBerlin relies on AriDNA’s monthly reports to analyze how short-term rental listings, booked listings, occupancy rates, and RevPAR are changing month-over-month and year-over-year. They develop custom, in-house tourism reports for their local partners, and compare trends between private accommodations and the hotel industry