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API data & integrations for business

Accelerate your business with our powerful Vrbo and Airbnb API

Enhance your platform with precise STR data insights for your customers and use real-time booking rates to refine your revenue strategy

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Who uses the AirDNA API?


Property Managers, Investors and PMSs

Property Portals, Real Estate Tech and Proptech 

Revenue Managers and Dynamic Pricing Specialists

Discover the short-term rental data that's right for you

Whether you’re looking to boost customer insights, inform investment decisions, optimize revenue management, or get dynamic pricing recommendations, accessing the VRBO and Airbnb API is crucial to your business growth.

Discover our VRBO & Airbnb API packages

Generate leads for your business

AirDNA offers concise short-term rental revenue projections to both existing clients and potential leads. With the Rentalizer Lead Gen Package, you can discover a property's potential performance and build a calculator on your website that includes Average Daily Rates, Total Revenue and Occupancy for the next 12 months.

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Acquire listings & underwrite with confidence

Identify opportunities in the short-term rental market with AirDNA’s Property Valuations & Comps package. Our API will allow you to find comps to help bolster confidence in the performance of a perspective home to test viability and accurately underwrite your properties.

Measure the performance of any short-term rental market

Get an aggregated snapshot of trends at the market level with AirDNA’s Market Data Package to determine the best nightly price for your listing, discover the best markets for expansion and investment,  and get insights on tourism, travel and more.

Strategically price
your properties

Accurately price properties and provide revenue management services to your clients with AirDNA’s Smart Rates API Package. It works by providing an Airbnb listing ID, and returns a nightly rate recommendation for each night over the next 12 months. It also allows you to select the base rate and then formulate pricing accordingly.