2021 AirDNA Trend Report

Dillon DuBois | December 16, 2020

Here at AirDNA, we’ve spent the year glued to data on over 10 million vacation rental properties in 120,000 global markets. It goes without saying that 2020 was jam-packed with new themes and insights. We decided to compile a roundup of the most defining data-driven trends in the 2021 AirDNA Trend Report. Click below to see the 10 most defining trends and what they mean for the future.


High-Level Findings:

  • Increased demand for short-term rentals in rural locations
  • Unique stays lead revenue growth
  • Larger, single-family units performed best
  • Dramatic increases in length of stay
  • New prioritization on cleanliness
  • Shift in seasonality patterns
  • STRs outperforming hotels
  • Average daily rates remain strong
  • Wave of professionalization continues
  • Supply has plateaud


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