Introducing the Vacation Rental Advocacy Playbook

Dillon DuBois | February 11, 2020

There’s a certain irony facing stakeholders in today’s vacation rental industry: what sets us apart is also what’s keeping us apart. 

The distributed nature of short-term rentals is undoubtedly its biggest appeal. Lodging has become democratized, and travel now has a very authentic, grassroots component to it. But that’s exactly its biggest flaw — there’s no unifying leadership, no advocacy groups, and very little collective bargaining power. 

Unlike hotels, vacation rental hosts and property managers are part of a very fragmented workforce. So, in attempts to create a unifying voice for the industry, we’re proud to announce the Vacation Rental Advocacy Playbook, a brand new resource for professionals looking to level the playing field. 


“Short-term rental operators have been losing key local battles against the hotel industry for too long. AirDNA wanted to contribute to creating the first grassroots playbook in order to motivate vacation rental operators to get involved, accelerate their success, and swing the pendulum back in the favour of legalised private accommodations.” – Scott Shatford, CEO, AirDNA

What is the Playbook?

The Vacation Rental Advocacy Playbook is an educational resource that was compiled from an event held in late 2019 with 20 of the United States’ most accomplished industry professionals. We gathered to provide our two cents on what each of us can do to gain momentum and advocate for our neighbors. Complete with interactive videos and an easy-to-navigate menu, think of it like a video-based e-book. Here are some of the most important aspects of the playbook: 

Fair and Sustainable Regulation

Regulation is far and away the biggest threat to the short-term rental industry. From New York City to Amsterdam and Barcelona, regulations have greatly impacted the vacation rental landscape. Inside the playbook, you’ll find information on the extent to which these regulations are impacting the industry, and more importantly, how to advocate for fair and just implementation. 

Creating a Unified Front

Inside the Vacation Rental Advocacy Playbook, you’ll find tons of useful information on how to build a strong community around short-term rentals. From coordinating with local business owners to participating in philanthropy events and organizing workshops, the playbook is packed with actionable insights. Coupled with tips on how to work with local policymakers to tell the real story of short-term rentals, there’s a lot to unpack here. 

What Does AirDNA Bring to the Table?

Conversations surrounding the impacts of short-term rentals are often far less nuanced than they ought to be. Many are quick to write off the industry without any regard for the real situation on the ground. This is where AirDNA comes in.  

Adding data to discussions of vacation rental viability is paramount. Data allows us to discern the actual number of full-time rentals, where they’re located, what they’re charging, and how much they’re generating in tax revenue. As a service, AirDNA equips anyone in the world to study the makeup of their market and make informed decisions to influence just policy. 

As a way to champion this cause, we often provide data and insights to those on the front lines of legal battles — entirely free of charge. Equipping hosts around the world with the tools needed to succeed has been our mission since the start. 

Ready to bring data into the discussion? If you’re looking to leverage vacation rental data to push for positive change, check out MarketMinder, or contact our team.


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